Monday, August 31, 2009


Songs & smells. Sure, places and objects remind me of good times or friends or family, but those memories triggered by my olfactory and auditory systems are so powerful that they are not easily ignored. Some memories I'd rather not relive of where I was when this song was overplayed on the radio...

(One, this song is actually great. The lyrics are awesome, SO TRUE, and come on, it's catchy. Ready, world? I'm about to admit something - I love, love, love Justin Timberlake. I cannot believe I've admitted that "out loud" - how can you not love someone who does Homelessville and the Single Ladies video on SNL?)

For the most part, the memories evoked are so great that I love to relive them. Like... where I was when I first smelled Armani's Acqua di Gio. Mmmmm. I used to walk through Macy's and spray some onto those strips of paper and just carry it around with me. Weird, yes. Anyway...the smell of Pledge reminds me of being young and following my mom around the house while she cleaned. Beat It by the King of Pop...I can't hear that song without thinking of when my brother and I did a "music video" to Weird Al's Eat It for our parents with a couch cushion in our t-shirts. (That's really embarrassing. Good thing it wasn't last week.) Turns out, that is the theme song to my life.

I've had "You're So Vain" stuck in my head for like two weeks. (Sidenote: I love that part in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days when Kate Hudson sings that at the fancy pants diamond party thing. Awesome.) You're so vaaaiiiinnnn you probably think this blog is about you don't you don't yooooouuuu... Turns out, Carly Simon sings that song and my dad loves her. Random, I know. I wonder what this song is going to remind me of when I forget I had it in my head and hear it again in 6 months...

Well, that's all for today. I'm going to bed early tonight - I really have needed my beauty rest lately.

Relationships - A Late Night Commentary

Beware - this may be a little rant-y and possibly quite long...

I just got back from my parents' house and on the drive I was listening to the radio. I have no idea why the White Menace is on Alice now (oh the CBS conglomerate), but I listened to some radio show with him and some girl (Emily?) and they were discussing relationships. Up for discussion was a book about relationships, therapy, and probably other things that I missed. They talked about how society expects that you will find that one person who will be your partner and how you will be monogamous with that person and if you're not, you're a failure. They brought up points about how that's too much pressure on two people and if there is an opportunity for one person in the relationship to explore other "options" they should since monogamy is ultimately an unrealistic expectation. They also talked about how all relationships are valuable, even if they didn't last a lifetime. (Disclaimer...I did not listen to the whole show, nor did I hear the name of the book. I am only expressing my opinion based on what I did hear for the 15 minutes I listened to the show.)

My two cents...ok, more like my two dollars and thirty-two cents...told you it might be long...

I truly believe that we are meant to find that one person who (ready for the cheese?) complements us in every way. They are not filling all needs nor should you expect them to. They fill your heart, they are your support when you need it, and they make up a piece of you that you may not have realized was empty.

I believe in monogamy and in marriage. I'm pretty sure I've mentioned this before, but cheating is, in my opinion, the worst thing you can do to someone (well, I guess besides stabbing them in the eye with a spork.) If you don't feel that you can stay monogamous, break off your relationship pronto. If you feel like your heart just isn't in it anymore, move on, and let your partner do the same. You will come across people in life that you are attracted to, some moreso than others, but if you respect the one you're with, you'll never act on those feelings. Your relationship with your significant other should be your priority and you should be willing to go the distance to stay together, even if you are distracted by a PYT here and there. I do not feel that these "options" should be explored because you could find a better fit out there. If you seriously thought that there may be someone better for you out there, why'd you get married in the first place? If you're willing, even in the slightest, to take action on feelings of lust or even feelings of attraction that are based on friendship, why would you get married and commit yourself to that one person? If you are a person of integrity, you will never treat someone that way whom you claim to love. The radio show went on about how even though people take vows and commit to that one person they love, they should be open to the possibility of meeting someone else who could have a positive impact on them. My question would be, why couldn't a person have a positive impact on you without you acting on sexual impulses? Why couldn't there be someone who comes into your life and changes you for the better by being your friend? When did it become ok to cheat, lie, and act so selfishly as to "do whatever you want because you want to and it's your life?" When did people stop taking responsibility for their actions and how they affect others? When did respect, dignity, and virtue go by the wayside?

I believe that all of my relationships were valuable. Did they last? No. In hindsight, am I glad they didn't? Oh yes. I learned from all of them - I learned about myself, about what I want out of a relationship, and what I don't want. I learned how to take rejection, how to deal with a bad breakup, how to deal with important life changes, how to accept someone for who they are, how to love with reckless abandon, how to recognize (some) red flags, how to recognize who people really are, how to get over exes who have treated me badly, how to move on, and how to avoid people with selfish characteristics in the future. Love is blind in some respects, but my eyes are wide open these days. Do I regret any of those relationships? Maybe, though even as I write that I know that I can't have regrets. If things didn't pan out the way they did, then I'd be married with kids to someone I didn't love and who treated me poorly. I know there's someone out there for me, I just have to figure out where they are and move there.

I know it's a random post, late on a Sunday night, but that radio show got me thinkin'. I had to get it "on paper."

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Singin in the Car

I tend to look at people in their cars when I'm driving. I can't help it. I like to see what type of person drives what type of car. Did I expect that combination? Are they doing anything funny? Are they cute? You know, all the interesting things about strangers.

Ever since I started driving to the new office, I've seen a lot more people singing in their cars. It's probably because I drive more slowly now and am on roads with oncoming traffic. It's fun. Last Friday, I saw a dude in a big ol' white cowboy hat, in a Ford F250, singing his HEART OUT to some country song he had blasting. It was hilarious! I watched him in my rearview mirror all the way down Soscol and at a very long red light. He was in his own world, rockin out to his favorite country song. Today I saw a kid in his early 20s probably, wife beater, beat up white truck JAMMIN' to some rock song. I love how carefree singing in the car make me feel, and I can only assume everyone feels this way. My current research is supporting this statement.

Sing in the car on the way to work tomorrow. It feels good. Rock on.


Since I don't get A&E anymore, which means no Intervention, I have now become obsessed with a show on TLC of people who are obsessed. Wow. This one is about plastic surgery...what do these people see when they look in the mirror?? They don't see what everyone else sees. Are they vain? Is it just a body image disorder, like what leads to anorexia or bulimia? I just don't understand how people can go under the knife with all of the risks and potential complications.

This one guy has had 50 different things done, spending $500k at least, he said. He looks creepy. CREEPY. I wish someone would shake him and tell him to stop. This chick went to Tijuana to get her boob job, stating that she thought they would do a better job than anyone in the US. Turns out, they did a very, very bad job. Shocking, huh. Well, I'm not sure why I'm watching this, I think it may be time to break my addiction. K, that's all.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Random Thoughts of the Day

Thought #1: I think the last name "Nesbit" is really funny. I have no idea why. It cracks me up every time I see it.

Thought #2: Why do websites now use password reset questions like "Where did you go on your honeymoon?" and "Where did you meet your spouse?" Stop rubbing it in already! I don't have those! I also didn't have a pet growing up except a hermit crab (long story) and the street I lived on in Washington was a number. So was the one in Ohio. I need to figure out a good write-in question.

A Piece of My Childhood Going Chapter 11

I used to spend hours reading my Oma's Reader's Digest, large print edition, whenever we'd visit them. I loved all the funny stories people sent in and always wanted to come up with something to send in myself to win $100. I'm so sad to see that Reader's Digest has filed for Chapter 11. I don't read it anymore, though this article makes me want to get a subscription.

Sidenote - According to the article, Reader's Digest "had several successful ventures, such as the magazine Everyday with Rachael Ray" which makes me like Reader's Digest just a little, teensy weensy bit less. I can't stand Rachel Ray and her freaky little arms that fling EVOO everywhere. Ugh.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Faith in Humanity

This is an open letter to the two chicks I met this morning who restored my faith in humanity.

Dear Two Chicks,

This morning, I headed up to IKEA to buy stuff. Mostly stuff I don't need but that's neither here nor there. After debating over curtains and perusing through the As-Is section, I took my wares and headed to my soccer mom ride. Pulling things out of the cart, I grabbed some green leaf thingies and proceeded to knock my wok, and heard someone go "ooohhh." I turned just as two glass serving bowls crashed to the hot IKEA parking lot. Shattered, to be more precise. The next to me stared. His kid stared. The people who just parked and were walking towards IKEA stared. The couple driving the Mini out of the lot stared. Not one person offered to help.

I just continued to unpack the cart, knowing there was nothing I could do about the shards of glass all over until the cart was empty anyway. I was so mad at myself - sixteen bucks down the drain. My cart was finally empty (I spent a fortune) and I got a plastic bag out, and started picking up the big pieces. I then considered going back in for a $2 baby broom and dustpan set to pick up the rest. Just as I contemplated the best way to pick up all that glass, you got out of your car and one of you yelled over to me: "Do you need a broom?" I answered, surprised, "Do you have one?" You walked over, broom & dustpan in hand, and swept up all of the glass for me as I held the bag. Just when I thought that everyone sucked, that everyone these days is self-centered and rude, there you were, broom in hand, offering to help.

Thank you for that. I appreciate that small token of kindness you extended to me. I appreciate the 5 minutes you took out of your day to help me when no one else would. It may seem insignificant to you and probably to most who are reading this, but I needed that today. Thank you.

PS - this is my 200th post. Cool.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Nouns into Verbs - and Other Word Nerd Activities

I love making nouns into verbs. Being the word nerd that I am, I like anything that has to do with words, letters, grammar, etymology....etc.

I talk a lot. A lot a lot. Just because I talk a lot doesn't mean I like to speak in a way that's grammatically correct or in sentences that are any longer than necessary. This is where making nouns into verbs comes in handy.

For example, when I want to say: "Why didn't that company just use a DBA on that wine label instead of using their subsidiary?" I can say: "What didn't that company just DBA it?" See? So much faster. Now I can stick in an extra sentence or two to continue speaking a. lot.

Another example is used by most people these days, even when they search using a different search engine (the nerd in me just chuckled.) "What's the distance from here to the moon?" "I don't know, google it."

These come up quite regularly and I either sound like an idiot or like I know what I'm talking about even moreso. I should probably bank on the former.

Cheers to being a word nerd!

Bad Dating Stories. Awesome.

I'm having sort of a bad day, but reading Kayla Aimee's bad date blog entry made it so much better. I love rehashing my own bad dates in my brain...makes me realize how crazy people are and how I seem to like it. Just for the story aspect, of course. My worst date ever, published here in my little ol' blog, is also here, at Divine Caroline. I really need to get a start on that book before I forget all those dates!

I do feel sorry for chicks like me, who are pretty much normal, who end up on bad, bad dates. Ultimately, they're pretty funny, though remember I'm laughing WITH you and not AT you. Hopefully most of these stories happened long enough ago that you can laugh with me too.

Cheers, ladies! We've made it this far, some ended up with good guys, some are still looking. I believe I'll find one, and if I have to suffer through more bad dates to find him, then so be it. Actually, bring it on. I'm ready!

Monday, August 17, 2009


Why do people think that because they live in California they're better than everyone else in this country? Just because someone lives in the Midwest, it doesn't automatically mean that they're Bud Light-drinking fools who are overweight and lazy. I swear, this stereotype just kills me. Maybe I take it personally because my parents are Midwesterners and most of my family lives there, but seriously now, who categorizes people like that? You can find someone who fits that description anywhere! My aunts, uncles and cousins are not overweight, they may drink Bud Light but I know a TON of people in Northern California who do as well, and they are by no means dumb or less-educated. All are college graduates, all have great jobs, and all are just like anyone here. (Ok, except that they call soda "pop.")

I know that stereotypes are rampant and that I'll never escape them, but I just can't accept that people generalize like this. This especially goes for every geographic stereotype. You make your life how you want it and your geographic location has little to do with it. Now for my PSA - stop generalizing because you think that you're better than someone who didn't grow up the exact same way you did. You are no better than anyone else and every person deserves respect.

Rich Singles?

By the way, I just read this article about the top 10 cities that have rich singles. Guess what town isn't on here? You guessed it! Napa! Tomorrow at 4:37pm, I'm moving to Arlington, VA. Who's comin' with me.....??? (I'd choose Hermosa Beach but I can't afford that town. Oh, so does that mean I'm not allowed to move there? Do you have to be rich to live there? My plan is falling apart...)

Tahoe Baby Tahoe

This past weekend, we celebrated two birthdays in the lovely town of South Lake Tahoe. Now, I know it seems like we always go there...oh wait, we always do. Everything we love to do is all in one place - why wouldn't we keep going?? Casinos, dancing, fresh air, pool time, good food - we did it all. My favorite place we ate was Rosies in North Shore (we took a little trip up North) - great food, great ambiance, great location!

In other news, my family went up to Reno last weekend for Hot August Nights. I forgot how much I love that event!! When I grow up, I want at least 2 hot rods/classic cars of some sort. I'll have to start a fund now because I ain't gettin' younger. This trip was especially awesome because my whole family was there! My parents had gone up for 4 days and my brothers and I all drove up together. It was cool to hang out with them as peers and not as "little" brothers. My brothers haven't been "little" for quite some time.

To go on a slight tangent...I'm looking for a food photography seminar/workshop/class/conference - anything! I'm a very good Googler and I can't find a thing. I'll keep searching...

As a last comment...I promise to post more often. Really.

PS - It sounds like there is a bear eating an apple in my backyard. Creepy.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

July 2009

What an insane month July has been! Sort of obvious since I haven't blogged at all. I still have a lot to say about nothing, but life has gotten in the way of putting these thoughts on "paper."

I love fancy hotel beds...good night.

PS - Wishing I could see more of the dirty dirty...hotlanta needs to be explored! I should have stayed through the weekend. Next time.

PPS - The accents here rock. Sorta makes me feel at home...