Sunday, April 29, 2007

I won I won I won I won...

It's been many, many moons since I've seen my poker girls, but we finally managed to get together last night! We headed to Wheel's house and she BBQ'd us up an amazing dinner - the beginning of summer in my book. Ribs, potato salad, corn on the cob (yes, my favorite thing EVER), salad, and angel food cake. Heavenly. Absolutely heavenly. We caught up with each other - so much going on - and then broke out the table and played some hold 'em.

I had nothin'. The entire time. 2, 10, diamond, heart. 3, 8, club, heart. Jack, queen, heart, heart, (really thought I had something there). 15 hands later, I get pocket aces. It was a good day. I bet 4 black chips (black chips are the highest in our game). The flop gave me one more ace. Uh yes, 3 of a kind, aces. At this point it's late, and it's a betting war. 6 black chips...2 black chips...5 black chips...The turn gives me nada, but the river, the glorious river...another ace. That's right - FOUR ACES. I bet the farm and won outta nowhere! And what's really funny, is that I could have actually bet the farm because I am the proud new owner of a John Deere riding lawnmower - definitely farm material.

It was a great evening - I was so happy to see those girlsies. To top it all off, I picked up a SWEET score from craigslist - a wine cabinet thing that's beeeee-u-teeful for only 100 bucks. Wenis and I chatted till about 2am and then I finally headed home to my lovely pillow.

Cheers to winning poker and riding lawnmowers!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I Swear I'll Join the Gym.

Yesterday, the meeting presenters were treated to a lunch at Cindy's. For some reason, I was lumped in with the presenters group, even though the extent of my presentation participation was quite simple. Regardless, I was treated to mahi mahi on a bed of spinach and yukon gold potatoes, two glasses of wine, a few bites of an amazing Campfire Pie, and a delicious latte. I would like to state for the record that I am happy my part did not include speaking in front of all those people. Espcially since I don't really know what I'm talking about yet! El Jefe was nice enough to let me slide this time, but I know I'll be up there sometime soon.

Cheers to kudos lunches!

Monday, April 23, 2007

Blogging Slacker.

Again, I have waited 13 days to post. Sorry. I'd say "my bad" but Wenis hates that saying, so I won't.

I just got back from our big meeting. I LOVE San Diego. I really really do. Granted, for about 90% of the trip I was working, but on Saturday we got to let loose and take a town car, yes town car, to Gaslamp. KK Digital, Jersey J, and I went to see the Annie Lebowitz exhibit at the Museum of Art (AWESOME), then found some bar downtown and played pool. If you know me, you know I love pool. Love it so much that there may be one in my living room instead of a couch. I wish I could play all the time. As I told Jersey J, I'm practicing for the circuit.

Anyway, as much as I love pool, I don't think I've ever played so much in my life. My company is amazing (yes, I said it, Wenis, amaaaaaaaazing). Not only is it amazing, but unheard of, and I appreciate the generosity SO MUCH!! Jersey J paid for more than he should have all day (THANK YOU if you happen to read this).

The following is an outline of the 'extras' I did in SD, work-talk excluded for entertainment purposes. Again, this blog is about food, wine, and fun, and since I never talk about the actual work I do (like running numbers, project management, presentations, etc), such talk is not in this post either. Just know that I worked a lot while there, but that's a given since it was a business trip...

Monday: checked out the hotel, ate, checked email, watched TV in my nice room, worked (details excluded for entertainment purposes), walked around, went to a restaurant in SD to eat, had an awesome meal with killer wines with the cool kids, crashed out.

Tuesday: Slept in a little, checked email, ate, worked (details excluded for entertainment purposes), walked around, checked out the spa, ate, met new peeps, hung out, ate, crashed out.

Wednesday: ate, attended meetings, got organized for our presentations, ate, worked (details excluded for entertainment purposes), got on a bus that took us to an aircraft carrier (flippin awesome), ate, worked on the presentation until 1am, crashed out.

Thursday: had two presentations, ate inbetween them, had a meeting with the whole team (very cool since I hadn't met them all before this week), ate, worked (details excluded for entertainment purposes), hung out with some folks which was way fun, chatted with Macktastic A till late, then crashed out.

Friday: ate, worked (details excluded for entertainment purposes), went to the closing presentation, ate at the indoor crab feed because the weather didn't cooperate, got bummed I didn't have a plus-one, crashed out.

Saturday: Free day. See detailed account above.

Sunday: ate, came home, wasn't into it, almost flew back to SD.

The common theme? I ate a lot. Oink.

The end.

Cheers to eating tons of red meat and bacon!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I Miss the InTERnet.

Comcast sucks. Everyone knows this, but we have few options. My inTERnet at home doesn't work and I'm the type to be driven completely batty by technical difficulties. Why won't the stupid web page come up? What's wrong with it?? They don't know. I don't know. I hate them.

Ah, that's better. Got a little venting out of my system.

Since I don't have inTERnet at home (yet), I've been out of touch on pretty much everything. Going from my last job where 70% of my day was spent wasting time online, this is a very different world for me! I miss it, actually. Now that I'm almost in the last year of my twenties {gasp} maybe it's good for me...

This weekend was good, though not quite what I had planned, which is ok of course. Got my eyebrows did & ate a ton of food (thanks to KK Digital for an awesome Friday morning), saw my friend Miz Wheeler on Friday night where we headed to the Grill for cornbread, wild rice salad, Ahi, halibut, and a bottle of Napa Cellars Zin. Saturday got some stuff done on the house (special thanks to my folks for helping, as usual), and Sunday was spent at home for Easter.

I'm pretty tired this morning, so my post is lame. My apologies to anyone who reads it.

Cheers to sleeping!

Monday, April 2, 2007

Weekends Are Fun

What do Men In Tights, Monsters Inc, a pry bar, a channel lock, scratches and cuts, sore muscles, a little I {heart} Huckabees, some world wide web withdrawl, quesadillas, wine, truffles, chicken skewers, and an awesome mojito have in common? My weekend. That's what.

I spent Friday with my good buddies in Petaluma seeing what Wenis calls Men in Tights and most know as Blades of Glory. Hilarious fun - perfect way to start off the weekend. Afterwards we went to Graffiti for a drink where I had a glass of Seghesio Zin - yum. Sonoma County wines hold a special place in my heart.

Saturday consisted of pulling up carpet strips - very pokey yes - and staples. It got old very quickly, but I plodded along. Around 5, I headed to C-Money's house then to Wenis' to take a little trip Up Valley (first time I have ever used that term - I am a true Napkin now) for the wine club's open house. After some chicken skewers with peanut sauce and truffles to die for, we headed to Angele for dinner. The place was PACKED - which means perfect people watching for us. One table captured my attention the most - and one term describes them perfectly - hoity toity. The older couple looked like they just stepped off a yacht and the younger couple looked like they stepped out of Country Club Weekly's latest issue. Oh buffy.

After much people watching and a juicy burger with a side of extra cheesy mac & cheese (again, very adult), we headed to C-Money's place to hang out before a night on the town. Or what we thought would be a night on the town. Napster is not exactly a hot spot for going out. If you're in a funny mood, Trancas Skankhouse fits the bill. If you're looking for a live band, Downtown Joe's is the place. If you're down for some swank and chill music, n.v. is cool. If you're expecting a crazy night with lots of people and ensuing crazy stories - Napster may not be the place for you. All in all, it was an awesome night filled with funny stories, a country song about Santa Rosa, and a perfectly balanced mojito.

Cheers to finding fun places to go!