Friday, December 12, 2008

Napa Young Professionals Society

Last night I attended the first Napa Young Professionals Society event, started by two guys in Napa who saw the need and filled it. Ceja Vineyards opened their Tasting Salon in downtown Napa for us - what a great space. PS - they have salsa dancing on Saturday nights if anyone wants to come with me sometime!

Please take note - there ARE young people in Napa! Who knew!?! I'll definitely keep up with this group - I met some relaly great nice people and the opportunity for new friends and business networking is endless. Thanks to Lee and Tyler for creating this and making it happen.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


So I kind of haven't done much of anything on my list. Something I did do was join the gym on Monday, actually went to the gym on Tuesday, and thought about going today. Pretty good for me. 

I have a secret TV love: The Starter Wife. I usually talk about my love of trashy reality TV, shows like Rock of Love (how can you not love Bret Michaels' incessant references to Every Rose Has Its Thorn and the weave under his bandana?), Rock of Love Charm School (Thou Shalt Rock It With Style), American Idol bad singers (HUGE props to Julie's Journal where I found this hilarious blog entry about one of my most memorable AI 'singers' - I specifically like the "would you please harness those udders!" - awesome.), and many, many more (oh, like Bad Girls Club....shoot me now but I love it) that I truly got DVR for again.

Back to The Starter Wife. Now, I am a fan of Debra Messing (I heart Will & Grace - and I heart Mr. Durfee's site dedicated to W&G!). Her mannerisms and commentary are just so funny. I watched the miniseries when it came out, and have been watching the show religiously since it started this season. I know some of it's a little far-fetched, but have you watched Desperate Housewives lately? No? Ok, well I have, and it's pretty out there. I do not watch TV to have it mirror real life. What's the fun in that? I already live real life, and for the most part, it's not exciting at all. Throw me some chick fights, ex-hair band losers, murders in Beverly Hills, tornadoes, random health issues that only one man can solve, two business fires, and a good solid mystery and I'm game. All I ask is that no more than two good shows come on at the same time (my DVR can only handle two) and we're all good.

I swear I get off the couch sometimes. Really. I do.

Cheers to bad TV and joining the gym! Now if I could just get the two to hold hands and be a couple, we'd have a nice and tidy family here.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Words That Make You Go EW.

Almost everyone I know has a list of words that they hate. At work we now just call it The List, as in "ew don't say that, it's on the list." Some words on our list...

--Maggot: just gross in every way, shape and form. The word itself is gross sounding, maggots themselves give me the heebie jeebies, and well, ew. A certain someone thinks these are magical creatures because their secretions* heal wounds or something disgusting like that. Dude. The day I let maggots on me is the day you can send me across the street to Napa State (word).

--*Secretion: What a nasty word. It sounds like just what it is...something oozing out of something else. It starts off as such a lovely word too - secret - then goes HA IN YO FACE - and then the 'tion' hits. Changes everything.

--Panties: Call them underwear please. Please.

--Loin: And now begins the infamous "oi" words. For some reason 'pork loin' doesn't bother me as much as 'his loins' but it's a pretty icky word nonetheless.

--Moist: Ew. Ew. EWW. Everything about this word grosses me out. Can't we all just get along and say, "Wow! This cake is the most not-dry cake I've ever had! It's incredible!" Thanks.

--Ointment: Bah. Anything you have to put ointment on is probably something you wouldn't discuss with just anyone. I suggest using 'cream' or 'salve' or even flat out 'Neosporin' instead.

--Crotch: You may be seeing a pattern here but I swear that's just a coincidence. Crotch is an ugly word, I mean, why use it when there are so many others?

I know I'm forgetting some, but I'll post those when I remember. What words are on your List?

If you're reading this blog, then you use the interweb and all of its glory. To avoid using any of the words on The List, please visit for assistance.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

More Things To Do...Before I Turn 31

20: Take another swing dance lesson.
21: Find a kickboxing class I love.
22: Pay cash for 5 purchases over $30 (maybe it'll deter me from spending $50+ EVERY TIME I go to Target!)
23: See Citizen Kane
24: Master the art of the Bloody Mary
25: Shoot at least 25 photos per week


I often wonder what it will be like to be married and have kids. It'll be so different than my current life that I can hardly imagine living that far away life. I looooove babies, and I wonder sometimes what I would do if I had an ugly baby. I know it's a horrible thing to say, and I'll think my baby is adorable, blah blah blah. But seriously, what if my baby isn't cute? Is there such a thing as BABY GOGGLES - a phenomenon where parents automatically think their baby is cute even if it isn't? Think beer goggles but with no alcohol involved. You're looking at your kid and you think oh my, I created this beautiful little bundle of joy and all the while everyone else thinks, oy, that kid is uuuugggllyyy.

I just entered it into Urban Dictionary. Hopefully it'll be approved soon and I'll go down in history as the chick who made up Baby Goggles. Thank you and goodnight.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Still Reeling a Little

I'm still a tad on edge from Sunday. I guess it's more of the Law&Ordercrimespree that is bothering me....I read so much bad news all the time and so many people get shot on a daily basis and it's much easier than I thought to shoot a gun. On one hand, I must admit, it was sort of a thrill to pull the trigger. On the other, it was scary. I'm glad that I'm still scared of guns. I don't plan on ever owning one and if for some reason someone came into my life who did own them, at least I'd know that I was scared and be OVERLY sure that they were secured and safe. Ok that's all. Talk about analyzing something to bits. Sheesh.

On a lighter note, I felt like I was getting sick all day yesterday, so I made soup last night. Knowing me, you probably think this entails grabbing a Campbell's can, getting out the can opener, and voila - soup. Think again (and be surprised...) - I MADE SOUP. As in, chicken stock, carrots, celery, chicken, pasta, spices. I made chicken noodle soup! I am so shocked and proud of myself that I'm going to eat it for lunch today too. Also, there's so much I'll be eating it for dinner and for lunch tomorrow, but that's beside the point.

Cheers to being scared of guns and making chicken noodle soup!