Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Little kid beauty pageants are SO CREEPY. And wrong. And weird. And not ok in any way, shape or form. Parents should stop living vicariously through their poor children.

That is all.

Wood Truck

How much wood would a wood truck truck if a wood truck could truck wood*?

*thanks to KK for the AWESOME tagline!

Monday, March 22, 2010


Spring is officially here and I still got nothin'. Not sure what is going on but the train to Funkville arrived a few months ago and as much as I want to ride this train back to Happytown, I'm staying in Funkville for a while longer. At least Funkville has a lot of bars to drown sorrows in and comfort food restaurants galore. Funkville also has no gyms. Is it that bad of a place to be? It is. I know. I'll work on getting my ticket outta here as soon as I can.

One funny story for you before I go...

A night out in Napa. It's been the best of times, it's been the worst of times. Saturday night leans toward one of the better nights I've had in this town of 85,000. Played a little pool, met new people, hung out with some folks I haven't seen in a while, and ended up meeting Alfred Nevarez from All 4 One. Don't act like you don't have "I Sweeeeeeaaaaaar by the moon and the stars in the skyyyyyy...." running through your head right now. He and his two friends were up from LA on a motorcycle trip and of all the people out on Saturday night (A LOT for some reason) we ended up hanging out with them! In case you were wondering, that song was playing on the bus when we were going to prom my sophomore year in high school. It won a Grammy in 1995. I LOVED that song. He was an awesome guy to boot*. He and his group were a fun addition to ours and the night ended up being really, really fun. Napa sometimes has it's benefits.

Cheers to random nights out - may they be more than you ever expected.

*What the heck does that expression even mean? "to boot"? As you know, I'm an word/phrase history nerd so this is where it comes from..."Boot here is an archaic noun meaning 'advantage,' and in the idiom has been broadened to include anything additional, good or bad. [c. a.d. 1000]"

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Absolutely Incredible.

I am so happy to have seen this incredible guy...Derek Paravicini. One word...inspiring.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Nothing to Say.

When I was little and just learning how to talk, my mom was impressed by how well I was with words. I could spell at a young age and loved to read. My dad on the other hand, was surprised by how MUCH I talked. I believe he said to my mom, "She just never stops talking, does she." I don't think I've stopped since. It's not that I like to hear myself talk, I just have a lot to say and usually it's about unimportant topics. Life is just that - a series of random topics all smashed into waking hours. I just happen to comment on some of them.

As you can tell by my last post - Feb 19 - I haven't had much to say. Lots of life events have brought me down and prevented me from having anything witty, funny, random, interesting or somewhat coherent to say.

This post isn't one of the ones where I comment on life or anything. I just thought I should check in, say hello, let my three readers know that I'm still alive, and that I hope that when Spring comes in shortly, my pleasant demeanor will return with it.