Thursday, October 29, 2009

First Day Back

The first day back from vacation almost makes me never want to take another vacation. On Tuesday, at Aeropuerto Internacional de Los Cabos, I panicked because I forgot how to do my job. Sign of a good vacation? Probably. Makes for a good first day back? Not so much.

On my list of things to do post-vacation:
--Send Hurricane Rick an Edible Arrangements fruit basket for completely leaving before we got there.
--Finish up my Halloween costume. (I should have gone as but I have another idea. Maybe next year.)
--Figure out how to keep my tan without sprays or beds. Fly back to Mexico? That's still an option.
--Blog about the trip for real.
--Figure out how to give boys my phone number. I have a feeling I missed an opportunity.

That's all for now.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Ya know how people say, "Vacation was so great but it's so nice to sleep in my own bed and be in my own home."

I don't feel that way one bit. I'm actually going to just do some laundry today and hop back on the next flight to Cabo. Anyone wanna come with me?

PS - It's WAY warmer there.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Vacation Time

Puerta Vallarta/Chicago/Indianapolis/New York - 2004
Costa Rica - 2006
Mucho mini-vacations - 2000 - present
Cabo San Lucas - 2009

Passport. Check.

Check ya later....I'm going on vacation!!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Positive Thinking: "Smile or Die"

I don't usually characterized myself in many the more trivial things in life, I'm usually a fence-sitter who can't commit to an entree decision (granted, the way that I love food is anything but trivial.) In the more important things in life, I definitely lean more to one side than the other, but depending on the issue, I can't lump myself into one camp generally speaking. I'll see what I can figure out now on this gloomy day in October.

Disclaimer: I'm a happy, friendly, genuine, sincere, easy-going person born without the debate gene. I like to hear all sides of everything before making a decision. I love to research and read and dig deeper into subjects that interest me. I'm a skeptic on things that seem ridiculous but until I've researched it, I hold judgment. I love with reckless abandon, eat with reckless abandon, but am not reckless in nature.

I'm a realist with a heavy dollop of optimism. I do the right thing because it's the right thing to do, even if it's not in my best interest, uncomfortable, or the more difficult of paths. I'm generally a happy person who knows that when the going gets tough, positive-thinking my way through it is for suckers. The world works in a certain way, I can strive to make positive changes, but things like The Secret are hogwash to me (yes, I just used hogwash.) Like I've said before, I do not believe that positive thinking or mass amounts of vegetables will prevent or cure cancer. And like I've said before, I am offended by this school of thought.

On the heels of that, I have finally come across someone who sounds like she feels the same way I do. This is probably the first time in my life I actually want to attend an author's appearance/book signing thing. Barbara Ehrenreich has written a book called "Bright-Sided: How the Relentless Promotion of Positive Thinking Has Undermined America" - a book I fully intend to read. When Ms. Ehrenreich was diagnosed with breast cancer, she found that she was bombarded with books, articles, stories, and people who told her to think positively as it was the only way to overcome this horrible disease. Her quote from the article on SFGate today: "When I reached out, all I could find were these exhortations to be positive or cheerful because it will make you better," she said. "It was either smile or die."

Like Ms. Ehrenreic, I believe that people have become attached to the notion that if you think in a way that is overly optimistic, narcissistic or blindly positive, anything they want will come true. Are Americans that delusional? Have we lost our sense of reality? Are people wanting so badly to grab onto any ideal or "philosophy" that is easily accessible that they are becoming (more?) gullible? Welcome back to REALITY, people. Not reality shows, reality. Life isn't easy. There isn't a magic pill that makes it all better. I'm willing to admit right now that I wish there were! That isn't REALITY. Reality is assessing your situation and doing the leg work to figure out a solution. Decisions based in reality are not the ones that rely on scam artists who appeal to people when they are at their lowest, taking take their money for impossible promises and lofty ideas. Reality is accepting that we aren't perfect, we don't get everything we want, and just because one channels all of their thoughts through the Positive Thinking Machine, they won't get anything unless they work for it.

I am by no means expecting everyone to think negatively because the world is not a friendly place and bad things will happen. All I'm asking for is a huge dose of reality.

I wish for things all the time. A hot guy has never once shown up on my doorstep. He won't ever show up on my doorstep and if he did, then I should alert the press because I've just made a guest appearance in a Nicholas Sparks book. I know that in order to meet people (potential dates, friends, clients, business associates), I have to attend events, join organizations, follow my passions and utilize my skills. I do not for one moment believe that if I had just thought more positively, my grandparents, aunt, and uncles would still be with me. I do not believe that if I had just thought more positively and put those thoughts out into the universe, I wouldn't be upside down on my condo. I do not believe that if I had just thought more positively, I would have won the lottery by now. I do believe that thinking positively and trying to see the bright side of things can help when you're overwhelmed or need a pick me up.

"Thinking positively" has gotten a negative connotation in my mind, one that speaks to naiveté and gullibility. I do not expect positive thoughts to satisfy my basic needs and that's why I go to a job everyday. I think positively because why would I want to be sad or depressed all the time? I think positively because I am happy. That's all it comes down to.

Hurricane Rick Sucks.

I just wanted to write an open letter to Hurricane Rick.

Dear Hurricane Rick,

About a month and a half ago, your friend, Hurricane Jimena, caused a little panic in me. She swirled around Cabo, making me nervous that my hotel wouldn't be there by the time I got there in October. Supposedly, October is well past the end of hurricane season, so I was trying not to worry.

Today, Mr. H. Rick, I saw that you have decided to visit Cabo as well. I understand that we all need a vacation now and then, but did you have to choose the place I'm visiting on Wednesday? Did you? I don't think that's very nice and I'd appreciate it if you and all of your Hurricane friends would just let me take the vacation I so desperately need and either hang out in the ocean for a while or hit Cabo in November.

According to my friends at, you're weakening. Now I know this may be very emasculating for you, but I for one am happy to hear it. I'll get you a nice fruit basket when I return home next week if you'll please just stay away.

Thank you, and if we happen to meet the Category 1 side of you on Wednesday, I'll be polite but don't expect a welcome hug.


Wine Chick

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Crazy Couple of Weeks!

Just got back from Vegas yesterday morning for the National Restaurant Association's Marketing Executives Group conference. It was an amazing conference with incredible speakers...CEOs, Presidents, VPs, Directors, Marketing Managers (and me) of companies we've all heard of...Arby's, Denny's, Facebook, PF Changs, Cici's, Pizza Luce, etc. etc. etc. It was one of the best conferences I've ever attended - the content was relevant and rich, the people were friendly and fun, but the best speaker was Blake Mycoskie, founder of TOMS Shoes. His talk to us was inspiring and heartwarming, and stirred something in me that I want to pursue. I know I was meant to do more for others, and after listening to this guy who is close to my age and his incredible story, I can't wait to get creative and figure out a way to use my passions, skills, and knowledge in this way.

After I landed, I flew home (and by flew I mean 80 on 80) and got ready for a day of wine tasting with my East Bay buddies and some North Bay ones too. It was a perfectly beautiful day in the Valley and I'm so happy I spent it with such great friends.

Only two more days and I'm on a plane with SW to sun, sand, and surf! Hello, Cabo, get ready! We're comin' down to party like it's 1999. I'm so ready for a vacation - my last was Costa Rica in 2006! Three years? Yeah, that doesn't really work for me. I need some time away from life, away from responsibilities, and what better place to go than somewhere where my cell phone doesn't work and the beach calls my name? Me + SW + Coronas in a bucket + sand = heaven.

Halloweenie is nestled into the weekend I get back from Me-hee-co and I still need ideas on what to be! I can't think of anything good...Should have done a little Goodwill shopping to get the creative juices flowing. If anyone has an idea, send it my way!

Chicago is next on the October 2009 itinerary...I'm lucky enough to be able to couple my business trip for a market survey with a visit with my family that weekend. Lately my trips to the midwest have been out of necessity, for funerals, but this time it'll be just because. Those are much better. AND my mom is coming out with me so she can see her siblings and family. It'll be great - I'm really excited!

It's 8:56pm, and I'm ready for a little Desperate Housewives (don't judge) then bed. The packing? Monday night is going to be nutty.

Nighty night.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Bein' a Kid

I was about to say that my dad would sooooo do this, but then I remembered that he was the one who would french braid my crazy-long hair for soccer games when I was a kid. He braided it because my mom couldn't do it - hilarious when you think about it. My dad is a zip-tie kinda guy. I mean, really, the epitome of a zip-tie kinda guy. The deuce-and-a-half, old pick up, 4 Bobcats, and the John Deere will attest to that. I'm surprised he didn't braid my hair, then use a zip-tie on the end.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wedding Photography

And this is why I don't like to shoot weddings....too.much.pressure.

PS - Not sure why this made the Yahoo front page.

PPS - Tonight I had a date. It was fun.

Tool Academy

Tool Academy - VH1. Yet another reality show that I waste my time watching. Think about this one...

You're dating a guy. You think he's a tool. You take him to a show on the king of reality TV - VH1 - called Tool Academy. Aren't you a tool for dating such a tool that you need to take him onto a show with TOOL in the title? Yes.

And I'm a tool for watching it.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Official Run #1

My toes on my right foot are numb, but I ran.
My heart feels like it fell out of my chest, but I ran.
My ears hurt from my headphones, but I ran.
My Nike+ won't sync my run so I can't prove it.
Two months from today, I'll be dragging myself down the Las Vegas strip for the race. Tick tock. Tick tock.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Ahhhh Fridays.

The Chandon Pink Party was last night and I'll say, that was a mighty good time. Because of the late night and tomorrow's itinerary, this Friday, October (!) 2, 2009, is being spent on my cushy couch, watching bad movies on TV, a little Brett Michaels bio on VH1, eating more than I should, and discovering the hilarity that is My Life is Average. Am I a loser? I don't think so. Keepin' it real, everyone, keepin' it real.