Monday, April 19, 2010

Working Girls

I started working in the big corporate world at the tender young age of 21. I knew nothing of this world...I worked at a video store while in school and couldn't even commit to a major (hey. I have a lot of interests.) That was a good 10 and a half years ago now and needless to say, I'm old. Ok, kidding. Sort of.

Anyway.....before joining the world of laptops and Robert's Rules of Order, I started working at age 15 in a doctor's office. I was there three years, then moved on to a very short summer stint at my dad's office in the city. I was 18 and very familiar with the city, but wasn't used to wandering around 10th & Mission as the office peon. I grew up that summer, only to revert to being my true age and working in the video store for three years. It was then that I moved into software and project management. Three years into that job, I moved to a different department and lasted just over three years there. After about a year in a different position after that, I landed my current job and have been here just over three years as well.

See a pattern? I'm a three-year-chick. Not sure what that's about but it's definitely a pattern. On the surface, I look like an anomaly - I stayed at the software company for SEVEN years. People around my age typically don't do that, they bounce around - a year here, a year there. I take pride in the fact that I lasted so long there, if only for the stock options and sabbatical.

I really had no story to tell, just that there's a pattern and I wonder if some Googling of this pattern will tell me why I do this. And I believe everything I read on the interweb. I mean, it's all true, right? I'll find out what is up with me and get back to you.

Sorry for the lame post. Night night.

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Hair is such a funny thing. As a chick, there's so much flexibility and fun you can have with it...colors, cuts, styles. I have been coloring my own hair since I was 18 - the first time I did it, I chose a chocolate cherry color and then forgot about it and jumped in a pool. Needless to say it looked like a shark bit off my leg and I was surrounded by my own blood. Since then, I've done everything from super dark brown, to 4 colors, to crazy highlights, to chunky colors, to A-line bobs, to being on a makeover TV show where I got the coolest cut ever. Wait, the cut was cool until I realized that it looked like a I had a mullet. I freaked and had my boyfriend at the time and my roommate cut off the bottom so I wasn't rockin' the guy-who-drives-a-T-top-Camaro look.

When I get to it, I'll add photos from the years of different hair...

Right now, I look like Linda from the Wedding Singer.

I'm hoping that once the layers grow out a little and I learn how to style it, I'll look less 80s and more funkdified. Hair does not define anyone - it's just hair. It's fun and can make you look any way you want. It's like the prime accessory. I love that I can do whatever I want with this mop on my head and know that if I don't like it, it'll just grow out. I do wish I looked good with bedhead though - with the new 'do, I just look even more 80s. It's rad.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Did you play slugbug? With three siblings, any time to hit each other in the name of a game was welcomed. Now, when we played, we got to hit each other when we saw a VW bug - just yell out "slugbug yellow!!" hit your opponent (aka brother). These were also pretty much the rules for the license plate game, but that's another story.

The new commercials for VW have everyone hitting each other when they see a VW. This is not the game and it's bugging me (pun intended.)

Open note to VW - please don't mess with the rules of slugbug. If I see a Jetta, I will not punch my friend. If I see a yellow 1967 Beetle, I'll yell "slugbug yellow!" and slug 'em in the arm. Thank you and good day.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Random Thoughts of the Day

Hello. It's me. It's been a while. Hope life has been treating you well.

  • Cheese is delicious.
  • I have the snowboarding bug again and it feels awesome. Too bad it's the end of the season.
  • I can't wait to camp all summer long. Cheap, fun and unplugged.
  • VH1's Top 100 or Greatest anything shows are always awesome.
  • Nothin' doin' every day and now this.
  • I heart Norman Rose.
  • Rockband is still fun. Really fun.
  • Why did summer seem sooooo long at age twelve and now time flies by and summer feels but a moment?
  • Why I continue to watch bad TV is a mystery.
  • I wish my hair was naturally wavy and bedhead was a good look for me.
  • One brother is pursuing his dream in Oregon. My other brothers are doing what they love. My dad does what he loves and my mom does as well. At what point will I get there?
  • The grass is always greener. Never a truer statement.
  • Dodging a bullet is still sometimes the hardest thing to hear.
  • There are a lot of tools in this town. Well not a lot, but a few I can think of. They annoy me. Like a rock in a shoe or a scratchy necklace.
  • I think it's time to move up in this place. Move move shake shake now drop.
  • I love birthdays, especially friends' and family's. I'm not ready for mine again.
  • Tahoe is awesome.
  • Why can't SUVs be headturners?
  • Why can't guys shave and chicks be hairy?
  • Comfortable couches make bad days good.
  • My new purse is white. It's cute. I like it. I'll bet it'll be super dirty in 30.7 days.
  • The iPhone needs more options for text message alerts. Everyone uses the only tolerable one and it gets confusing.
  • I wish I could easily take public transportation. Or ride my bike. 
  • Posting quotes on social media websites is dumb. Don't you have a thought of your own?
  • Time to write my book.
  • I wish there was a federal law that we had to work 4 - 10s so I could have one day a week to myself (in addition to weekends, of course.)
  • Sales meetings make people wacky.
  • Free food is always a good thing.
  • When a New Balance ad is posted on my blog because I blog about running but don't actually run, it makes me feel bad.
  • What's with all the cat videos? 

Sunday, April 4, 2010


Is it just me or does anyone else think it's weird that since VHS* has become extinct, there hasn't been a replacement for it? Think about it. I used to be able to record a show by the touch of a few buttons (elusive to many, of course.) I could then remove the tape and bring it to someone else's home and watch it there. At the moment, I do not have any such device that allows me to do this. Sure, if I gave Comcast another hundred bucks a month I could get my DVR back and record shows. Can I then remove them and bring them to someone else's home? Nope. What is the deal? Doesn't it seem a little backwards?

In the meantime, I'll just continue to watch all my TV shows on Hulu. Except when I get sucked into awesomely bad (but more awesome than bad) Lifetime TV movies.

*Boys & Girls, VHS stands for Video Home System. It is a tape on which you can record. A tape is a ribbon that spans two spools and records data for playback anytime. Please refer to Wikipedia for a better description.