Saturday, April 12, 2008

Stuck in Clothes

Something that makes me panic immediately is when I get stuck in an article of clothing. I know it sounds like this happens frequently, and it does for some reason. Could be that my bum shoulder just doesn't bend enough to help me escape or something, but it does happen much too often.

Thursday morning I decided to wear this super cute skirt that I haven't worn since summer. Since we were heading to Chandon for Pinot Palooza and it has been REALLY nice (a gorgeous 83 degrees and rising), I thought it'd be nice to wear a skirt. Chick thoughts, I know.

I ironed the sucker, which took me much too long with all the pleats, and then put it on to decide what to wear with it. I was looking at my tops, bent over to scratch my leg, and ZZZZZZZPPP! The zipper broke...from the middle. I looked into my closet and yelled "Now what am I supposed to wear!" I spun the skirt around, and tried my hardest to get the zippy piece off the top or back down a little. Panic set in.

I struggled with the zipper some more, getting sweaty and flushed, freaking out that I'd be stuck in that skirt forever. Pulling, tugging, yanking...the zipper didn't budge. I didn't want to cut it because it's just so cute and I thought it might be salvagable (ok, not by me, I don't sew. You might have noticed that I am not domestic). Pulling more, yelling, panicking like crazy....nothing. I figured that somehow this thing was going to have to fit over my head. I sucked it in, wriggled like crazy, and FINALLY it was over my head and thrown on the bed with anger.

This has happens most frequently with dresses, when my arms & shoulders will get completely stuck in the dress when pulling it over my head. Usually, assistance is needed, as I stand there in my undies, arms over my head, contorted and stuck in a dress, and someone is able to help me wriggle free.

Cheers to the battle between me and c.l.o.t.h.e.s.