Wednesday, May 30, 2012

So it's been a while...

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Now that I write for a living, keeping up with my personal blog loses a little of its appeal. I don't need this outlet as much as I used to, but for the sake of my personal history, I should do a better job. I mean, to this day I hate the fact that right before I graduated from high school, I stopped writing in my diary. What happened after that? What was going through my head? Which crush did I miss the most? What did I think about college? All these questions never to be answered... Sad.

Since January, well..... a whole lotta nothing has happened. Blogspot changed - woot woot. That's exciting. In life? Not much. Still working, still writing, still not shooting as much as I'd like to.

Let's go back to at least the beginning of birthday weekend was in Tahoe, as usual. (I was going to write "the youjjjjj" but I have no idea how to spell the abbreviated version of "the usual." If someone can enlighten me, please leave a comment. I've always wondered.)

Anyway, back to Tahoe. A good time was had by all, as usual. Came home at dawn both nights, as usual. This time, we stayed in a killer suite with 2 bedrooms & 3 bathrooms - perfect for 6 girls! Especially since a couple of us don't shower every day necessarily. And by a couple of us, I mean me of course. We met some fine folks, as usual. Very fun long weekend - can't wait to go back, say it with me, as usual. I really should buy a place there!

On Tuesday, I left for a solo trip to Cabo. Yep, solo again. I planned on going to San Jose del Cabo because it's more low-key, less party central and I thought that by going there, I wouldn't feel like as much of a loser because I wouldn't see or hear all the big groups of friends. Well, I planned wrong. Instead of the relaxing, non-partying week, I was bored out of my mind. At least if I had stayed in Cabo San Lucas, I would have had the chance to meet some people my age at the swim up bar or by the pool. Instead, it was me, 5 books in 3 days and a whole lotta thinking. I'm pretty sure by Day 3 I was talking to myself. Out loud. (And now that I recall, Day 3 was the magic number last summer too.)

Let me give you a glimpse into a day in the life in San Jose del Cabo...

9:17am: Wake up. The bed was wonderful, the room was extremely nice, so waking up was a leisurely activity.

9:42am: Make coffee
9:45am: Enjoy coffee on my amazing balcony with an amazing view. Watch the early pool birds.

10:13am: Still enjoying coffee & the view.
10:15am: Bored. Open a book.
10:28am: Coffee is cold. Time for the pool.
10:46am: Suit is on. Sunscreen is on. Flip flops are on. Head to the big pool.
11:01am: Lounge chair chosen. Book opened.

12:34pm: Hungry! Head over to buffet or restaurant for some food.
12:44pm: Done with lunch. Eating is just a bare necessity when you're solo.
12:48pm: Back to the lounge chair. Book opened again.
1:35pm: Bored. Hot. Go for a dip in the chilly pool. Float near the infinity edge because, well, it's an infinity edge and the view of the water is fantastic. Back to chair.
2:39pm: Bored again. Look around for anyone new at the pool. Maybe a group of people who are close to my age. Nothing. Back to the book.
3:41pm: Hot. Consider going for a dip. Decide to move to Adult Only pool to dip there.
3:45pm: Lounge chair at Adult Only pool selected. New faces to stare at when I pretend to read my book.
5:32pm: Hot again. Dogear the page. Scope out the pool. Still just couples. Nothing new here.
5:35pm: Hungry again. Head to buffet for a blue hair special early bird dinner. I'll be sure to get a seat.
5:45pm: Head back to my room.
5:50pm: Take a shower in the rain shower. Contemplate another whirlpool tub bath. Stick with just the rain shower with two shower heads. So fancy.
6:08pm: Get into bed. Turn on TV. Out of 57 channels, 4 have a show on in English with Spanish subtitles. Think I score on a fifth English channel, but there was no talking. Pretty Woman is dubbed in Spanish. Cannot understand.
6:31pm: Still flipping between my 4 channels. One of them is golf.
6:59pm: Settle in on episode number 14 of CSI Miami. It's the only thing on in English. I continue to read the Spanish subtitles for some reason. Maybe I'll pick something up.
7:42pm: During Spanish commercials, I find Monsters, Inc. If I can watch Beauty & the Beast in French in high school and know what they're saying, I should definitely be able to watch a kids movie I've seen 100 times dubbed in Spanish. I'll probably learn Spanish - it's low level right? Wrong. I have no idea what they're saying. Even Boo. And she just screams.
8:19pm: Consider going out for a drink that I already paid for in my all-inclusive package.
9:19pm: Still considering.
9:45pm: Get up. Get dressed. Go to the martini bar. Ask for a not-too-sweet cocktail. They make me a bubblegum martini. Too sweet.
10:05pm: Wander around like I'm waiting for someone. Never stay in one place too long.
10:15pm: Bored. Go back to the room. Watch more CSI Miami.
11:30pm: CSI Miami is really the same show over & over. Not sure what I expected to be different.
11:37pm: It's been a long day. I'm pooped.

All in all, it was gorgeous. GORGEOUS. The weather was amazing, the people are always so nice, the pool was amazing, the beach was amazing, I got a bit of a tan. That said, it was nice to be away, but I think next time, I'll go to Australia.