Thursday, March 31, 2011

Air Travel

Is gross.
Is annoying.
Is frustrating.
Is tiring.
Is exasperating.
Is sorta fun.

I went to New Jersey this week by way of Philly. I chose the flight there simply because it had a layover in Denver - a good 2 hours with a break inbetween. I had a nice mom & daughter next to me to Denver so that wasn't so bad. I should have seen this coming though....from Denver to Philly I had the worst dude next to me! I'll just list off the things he did so you can make your own judgment: long fingernails, sat with legs WIDE open (yes, this means resting his leg against mine. Move over buddy, I don't know you.), scratched his junk. Yes. The WHOLE flight. Does he think I can't see it? I'm sitting 3.456 inches from you, dude. And he was a jerky pants to boot. 3+ hours of this and I was ready for a change of scenery.

Landed in Philly....picked up by JerseyJ.

Yes this is my first Philly cheesesteak ever - Provolone Wit. We had to choose between Pat's and Geno's. Pat's looked a little less "fine tuned" so we went there. I much prefer hole-in-the-wall versus fancypants so I was thrilled. I told myself I'd never have a cheesesteak sandwich unless I were in Philly - scratch that one off my bucket list! Now I can eat them anywhere.

After gorging on my sando, we headed to Atlantic City (now referred to as AC because I'm lazy.) After a long day of travel and a bum knee, we met up with another coworker, had dinner and went to bed. Nothing special. I didn't even gamble.

Day two was work and not appropriate to blog about work because previous blog issues a couple years ago. Moving on...

Day three was back to the airport in Philly after too short of a time in AC. Got to see the Atlantic but not touch it - reason enough to go back. I hear it actually gets warm in the summer! How random is that. This flight was going to be a doozy - Philly to Vegas. 5+ hours. My only saving grace was who I randomly sat by: this guy. He was funny and talkative which made the flight go pretty quickly. We landed in Vegas, I didn't even get to get off the plane to put $10 in a slot machine, I changed seats and geared up for another 1.5 hours home. Who sits in front of me in my new seat? Worst-BO-ever-guy & hacking-up-a-lung-coughing lady. What a wonderful experience air travel is.

At least I came home to record-high temps. Cheers to California.