Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Things That Are Rad, Chapter 2

'Stache contests (for maximum 'stacheness, click here and here)
Puffy down vests
New Year's
Comfortable heels
Tons of blankets on a cold night
Giving presents
Paying for a stranger's toll
Irons that shut themselves off

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

To go out, or not to go out. That is the question.

Monday Night Football.
Good company.
Cobb salad.
Mozzarella sticks.
Lemon drops.
Beer battered onion rings.
Patriots fans galore.
All in all, an awesome Monday.

It is interesting though that when you go out on a Friday, the weekend seems to be extra long. When you go out on a Monday, it's the same effect, but the problem is that it's a MONDAY. No sleeping in on Tuesday. No big plans for a Tuesday night. Tuesday does not equal Saturday. Ever. Well, unless you're unemployed I guess.

Cheers to MNF and laughter at the Skankhouse!