Thursday, September 24, 2009

Patrick Swayze

Nobody puts baby in a corner. Probably one of my favorite movies, and definitely the best movie Swayze was in. Today's Daily Dish on includes a "story" about how Whoopi Goldberg "chastised Suzanne Somers after she reportedly blamed Patrick Swayze's death on his chemo treatment." So it sounds like Suzanne Somers believes that if Patrick Swayze had just eaten better and "built himself up nutritionally" then he wouldn't have passed so soon due to the chemo.

Hmmmm. Let's be realists about this. We all know that fresh fruits and veggies are incredible for your body - they fight off all kinds of diseases and prolong life. In most cases. Cancer is common unfortunately, and just because someone eats their fruits and veggies every day, they are not automatically immune to contracting this horrible disease. By stating this, it sounds like it's Patrick Swayze's fault for dying because he didn't eat more produce. Seriously? I'm sure he tried everything he could, and honestly, if that worked, if eating your weight in fruits & vegetables when you have cancer worked, don't you think that would be the widespread remedy??? Don't you think that EVERY SINGLE PERSON would try that first before ever succumbing to what chemo does to your body? If it were proven that fresh produce killed off cancer cells when a person is in Stage 3+, I doubt as many people would die from cancer, there would be no debt for medical procedures, and cancer would be pretty much as common as the bubonic plague.

There is no miracle cure for cancer. I wish there were. I would still have 2 young uncles with us today. It's offensive to me for people to say things like this, to state that "eating more produce" when you're in the throes of this horrible disease will cure you. Miracle cures and therapies suck gullible people in and continue to make them believe that something as simple as eating a carrot will ward off treacherous cancer cells.

I don't deny that having a healthy diet will help keep you cancer-free for longer, but don't start preaching to me about how if my 44-year-old uncle had just eaten more broccoli he'd still be alive. That's ignorant, offensive, obnoxious, and you obviously have no idea what you're talking about.

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