Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Memories: Golden Gate's 50th Anniversary

May 24, 1987. I had just turned 9 a few weeks before. My parents took the three of us kids (one brother wasn't born until 1989) to the Golden Gate Bridge's 50th Anniversary walk. I'm not a person with a lot of memories from being a kid. Some things stand out but not much... this is one that stands out vividly.

I remember what stroller my brother was being pushed in. I remember what I was wearing. I remember all the legs and jackets. I'm so happy my parents braved the crowds and brought us to this! Of course, the 800,000 people caused the bridge to flatten but all in all, what a cool experience. I hope they do this in two years for the 75th.

Article from SFGate.

Photo by: John O'Hara/Chronicle 1987

Friday, August 27, 2010

This Friday Morning

Dear Girl in the White Truck with the Social Unrest sticker,

I saw you singing the lyrics to Offspring's Self Esteem. I was belting them out too. I know it was a little awkward when we made eye contact singing the same song on our drive to work. Awkwardness aside, I think we have formed some sort of singing-while-driving bond, a car karaoke bond if you will, and I hope you have a happy day.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
In other news, I LOVE this song. Love it. A lot. LOVE IT.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Social Media Musings

Social Media - It's fascinating to most, wholly adopted with open arms by others, feared by some, and touches all in some way. Lately I've been intrigued as to why certain people gravitate towards certain social media websites.

Why does "Barney from Walnut Creek" love Yelp and post review after review after review, while simultaneously feeding those reviews to their Facebook and Twitter accounts? Is Barney just a super user? Someone who is fully immersed in social media? Why does he love Yelp so much over other social sites?

Why does "Cheryl from Chicago" only post status updates on Facebook? Why doesn't she embrace Twitter? Is she being selective? Does she think Twitter is "pointless"?

I'm going to hunt down social media user case studies because I think this subject in modern sociology is absolutely fascinating. I've fully accepted social media, I use Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, Blogger (ha obviously.), and a slew of other tools and services. I wonder where I fall on the spectrum...?

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Oh No You Di' int...Golden Girls Nesting Dolls

I have found the best gift ever made.

Thank you to Ginger Williams for this fantastic craft and for sharing it with the world. Check out her site - she has Saved by the Bell too!

Incredible Talent of the Day - Sewing

I think I'll start highlighting what I think are incredible talents. Today, based on a Yahoo article I read last night, I'd like to showcase sewing as today's incredible talent.

There once was a girl who lost her job and decided that she would spend $1 on a dress every day and alter it. This girl doesn't just alter these mumus and 60s bridesmaids dresses to fit her, she makes them into her own creations! Whether it's a different style of a dress or a shirt or a necklace or a jacket or a skirt, this chick is talented beyond belief in the sewing category. I'm incredible impressed. And inspired. I wish I could do this, but I'll have to find my one-a-day talent in some other field - I'm not the most domestical person out there.

New Dress a Day
365 Days. 365 New Outfits. 365 Dollars.

And she's SO cute!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Speaking of Typing.......On to Typos......"The Great Typo Hunt"

I think I have found my written word soul mates.

These guys have traveled around the country, correcting typos. My only comments on this are...

1. Awesome.
2. Why didn't I think of that?
3. I'll cut some slack for the actual typos, but I'm pretty sure most of these are because people don't know the English language very well. Punctuation and grammar. Learn them. Love them. Live them.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I type very quickly, but very incorrectly. I don't look up at the screen often, I only use my thumbs, index and middle fingers, and I don't even know what the home keys are. Despite my flaws, I've gotten along ok in life. I can IM and write emails like nobody's business. There are a few words that I have a difficult time typing though....

  • "Umbrellas" Why can I *not* type this word correctly the first, second or third times??
  •  Anything with a "tch" For some reason I always type "watch" - "wacth" or "switch" - "swicth." Annoying.
  • "Public" I fear that I will forget one important letter in this word and be mortified for the rest of my existence.
Now that I think about it, maybe I'm lysdexic.