Friday, May 25, 2007

Oh the Napa Bowl

Last night, KK Digital invited me to the Napa Bowl to watch her friend play with his team. We ended up playing some pool while they bowled. The highlight of the evening was when KK Digital went to pay up at the bar, and discovered they took checks. Funny item # 1. The Napa Bowl takes checks. Who pays for drinks with a check?? Well, KK Digital does. And that's just rad. Funny item #2...she takes out her checkbook and writes the check, all the while thinking, "This pen sucks."

She then proceeds to tear off the check (just writing "the check" makes me giggle because, I mean, COME ON, who writes checks anywhere these days!?) and finds that she has written on the plastic that is supposed to go between checks. That's right, KK Digital will now always have a completed check made out to Napa Bowl. For fifteen dollars.

Absolutely one of the funniest things I've seen since at least Saturday, and definitely regarding a check and the Napa Bowl.

I promise to blog about last weekend - it's a good one.

Cheers to checks at the Napa Bowl and MORE POOL!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Contrary to Popular Belief...

According to some co-workers, hitting a bird is 7 days bad luck. Man, if someone had told me this on Friday I would have been BUMMED. As it turned out, it wasn't bad luck for me. Just the bird.

Seven pm on Friday marked the beginning of a whirlwind weekend that was full of 21-year-old activities that probably shouldn't have been tried again as a 29-year-old. That said, it was so. much. fun. I will have to write more about the weekend when I have recovered...I think I'm actually still asleep.

Now for today's top story...

C-Money, El Jefe, and I had lunch at Tra Vigne's little cafe...we were craving paninis and they hit the spot. The day is amazing - probably about 87 or so - so we sat outside at a little bistro table. Talk about having a hard time coming back. Conversation bounced from "what are military boys like?" to El Jefe giving his opinion on a precarious situation C-Money has found herself in. The food was delicious, the conversation not so much. Back at the office, C-Money and I were reflecting on this precarious situation, giving credit to El Jefe for being right, and then we decided we needed chocolate.

I scrounged up my change and headed to the vending machine with a fistful of dimes, nickels, and quarters. I first got C-Money's super-sized Hershey's bar with Almonds, then fed the machine the last of my change for my super-sized Reese's. Bet you can guess what happened next - my best-friend-turned-enemy vending machine DIDN'T DROP MY CANDY. When I need chocolate, I need chocolate. I shook the machine, banged on it, making quite a racket in the lunch room. Head hanging low, I walked back to the cave to tell C-Money what happened. She was suddenly fired up, said "I have some aggression I need to get out" and we stormed back to the lunch room to attack the vending machine. Little did I know, C-Money had grabbed a letter opener, all set to knock the little piece of heaven from its ring of death, but that didn't work. Not one to let a little obstacle defeat her, she rocked the sucker side to side and, lo and behold, I am equipped with 340 calories and 19g grams of fat, all bundled up into chocolate and peanut butter goodness. I owe her my soul.

Cheers to Reese's and recovery weeks!

Friday, May 18, 2007

What a Way to Start My Friday.

I went to the gym again last night which in turn caused me to miss both The Office season finale and the Ugly Betty season finale but did cause me to sleep like a ROCK. I woke up only at my alarm which never happens!

So all's good in the hood - makin' good time to work. I turn onto Zinfandel Lane to cut back over to 29 and I see something flash and then a thud on my car. There was no time to stop or even realize what had happened. After a couple screams and a racing heart, I pulled over at the Ranch and checked my front end. Sure enough, I had hit a bird. Two lone feathers were sticking out of my hood. I'm sad. Poor little guy.

Well, not much to say about that...hope the day gets better.

Cheers to the gym and The Office!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Ahhh Thursday - "The Almost Friday"

It's almost Friday. Thursday is The Almost Friday. Only 29 more hours until my friends and I jet off to some random tiny town and be silly.

Today was the second and last installment of training. What a great program! Unfortunately I sucked big time at the tasting (compared to my stellar performance yesterday at the aromas). It could have been that I am sick of drinking wine, or maybe it was just too early. Or maybe I need A LOT of practice. In any event, the program is awesome, and the Boston group was so much fun. Time to book my JetBlue flight to Boston.

I just heard C-Money talking about something called "What Crazy Looks Like on an Ordinary Day." This piqued my interest, though not enough to research what it instead I'll just show you my interpretation of that phrase:

Props to Refresher for catching this loverly photo of moi, along with her smirking boyfriend The Bobster (and that's Thenry in the background) He was the one who played pool with Cornbread and me, so we must not have freaked him out too much.

Cheers to The Almost Friday!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Did I Ever Mention How Much I Love This Job?

Alright, since C-Money blogged about working out, so will I. I'm a copy-cat like that. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery or something like that...unless of course it's your little brother playing the copy game where you say "Stop copying me" and he says "Stop copying me" and you say "Stop it!" and he says "Stop it" and then you think you're oh-so-clever and say "I'm a stupidhead" and he says "You're a stupidhead." At what point did they get clever too?

Anyway, I digress. Back to the gym. Wenis and I decided that in order to actually GO to the gym we joined, we'd need to go together. Power in numbers. I went last night (without her actually, so forget my previous line), and man I had a great time! What is wrong with me?? I hate working out! Well, I have figured out that I don't mind it at all if there's a TV on my machine. Now I'm sure you've gathered from my blogs that I enjoy being a couch potato. I'm sorry - I'm not the type to say that I work out 3 times a week. For me, that really means that I walk from the kitchen to the couch more than 5 times per evening. So knowing this, you'll never believe it...I drove to the gym on my way home from work, changed my clothes, got on an elliptical for 40 minutes (10 min of Sex & the City and 30 min of Friends, with 50 First Dates and the Giants game during the commercials), then even did weights and some sit ups after! I'm so proud of myself!! I actually enjoyed it. Ok, enough about the gym. In the grand scheme of things, what I did was basically like walking from the kitchen to the couch more than 5 times per evening, but with weights on my ankles. 2 pound weights at that. Just humor me.

Today I got to experience a training session - today was identifying certain scented oils....super fun. The group that's in town is from a restaurant in Boston. Super cool and fun group of people! They even invited me to dinner...still on the fence though since I told Wenis I'd go to the gym again. Which I actually want to do. Again, what is wrong with me? I'm considering giving up a fun dinner with super cool peeps for workout time? Um yeah. Examine my brain please.

Cheers to meeting new people with awesome accents, BACON for breakfast, and drinking a lunch!! Oh, and the gym.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Good Weekend All Around

What a good, productive weekend! I'm old now so I like the productive weekends with fun sprinkled in. It's amaaaaaazing how quickly you go from thinking that a good weekend is all about going out, staying up late, and sleeping, to thinking that a good weekend is one filled with getting up before 9, completing projects around the house, then having a nice dinner with friends.

Friday The C-Man from work had a BBQ at his place which was awesome - got to see everyone outside of the office which is always great. I tasted most of the wines* on the table - love that. After The C-Man's, Cornbread and I headed out to a local pool hall with some of my co-workers. After one game of doubles, Refresher wasn't feelin' so hot, so Viscious V took her home. Refresher's boyfriend ended up staying out with us, and we played a few games of cutthroat and then headed home to bed.

Cornbread and I forced ourselves to get up around 10 and we headed into the yard that was attacked by super weeds. After pulling weeds for a couple of hours and then putting together a patio set, we got ready, went to Chevy's and IKEA (why do all of my weekends seem to include Chevy's and/or IKEA...hmmm...there ARE other places to eat and shop....), then headed to Bailey's on the Rocks for her b-day dinner. I miss them - it was so nice and comfy to catch up! JAR and Patricio are gettin' hitched in September, so it was cool to hear about that and their honeymoon plans. It was so nice to see BOTR's parents and brother too - felt like the good ol' high school days!

Mother's Day/My Birthday Celebration was pretty cool - the fam came up and we mowed the lawn (my John Deere gets a lot of play) and BBQd and saw Spiderman 3. It's pretty funny - my brothers and I are in sort of an awkward phase...we're adults but none of us are married, and we're not kids (except Graham Cracker of course) so our interaction is a little off sometimes. We'll grow up soon. Maybe. But even if we do, I'm sure we won't lose the silliness.

Cheers to Birthday Months and my John Deere!

*Bitch - smooth and different, granache-y
Jekel Pinot Noir - super delicious, light but delightful
Cline Syrah - thick and rich as usual
Sexto from Spain - spicy and out of the norm

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Aches and Pains

Ok just kidding - I have no aches and pains. I haven't started the gym yet...

Random comment of the day - people don't use the word "blouse" enough, as in "Hey Bertha, that's a nice blouse! Do you want to borrow my brooch?" I'll try to use "blouse" more often.

This week has been nutso. Work is so crazy busy that all I want to do when I get home is change into shorts and a T because it's really hot, and veg out. Unfortunately more vegging equals less house finishing which in turn means that I will live in this mess forever. I'll try harder. I really need to get the place going to have a party in June....tick tock, Megan. Tick tock. As for work, I am having a blast writing copy for two new labels for a fun chain store. Someday I'll post samples of that stuff here - or the stuff from the editing room floor - just because some is pretty funny. The cheesier the better - at least to joke about!

I went out on a limb and emailed new boy back - and even asked if he wanted to have dinner next week. No word back so far...trying not to think about it. Ok, that whole trying not to think about it thing isn't really working...but again, I'll try harder. As for the other new boys, I haven't called any of them back only because I haven't felt like being on the phone...I promise I'll call them back though.

Cheers to blouses!

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Almost over...

In the last half hour of my birthday, I just wanted to state how lucky I am to have the friends I have. On top of the carbalicious goodness that was had all day today, I enjoyed breakfast and lunch with new friends and dinner with old friends. I got emails, texts, IMs, voicemails, and myspizzle comments all day! Not to be super cheesy with extra cheese for only fitty cent more, but I'm happy to be surrounded by all these amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing people. This is why I love birthdays. And it's just beginning...I am a firm believer in the birthday month.

Cheers to the start of my twenty-ninth year!

Monday, May 7, 2007

They Say It's Your Birthday...

Happy happy birthday to me. I'm old.

Can't be too depressed though because I love b-days! I've also already had a happy birthday cinnamon roll and a happy birthday latte. Looking forward to a happy birthday mac & cheese at Market for lunch and then a happy birthday dinner at Cuvee!


Sunday, May 6, 2007

Weekends are So Much Better than Weekdays

It's Sunday. Again. It always seems like this part of the weekend comes much too quickly. Wouldn't it be awesome to work Monday through Thursday, 10 hour days, instead of 5 days a week? I'd vote that in.

Friday night I went to my mom's concert in San Rafael, hung out with the boys and dad for a bit, held a rifle for the first time (thoughts on that...scary, heavy, greasy, scary, and scary), and had root beer floats. Yum.

Happy Seis de Mayo - my girlsies came over yesterday afternoon to celebrate Cinco de Mayo and the most Cinco-de-Mayo-type thing we did was eat Taco Bell for dinner. Oh and I had Tecates. Are we old, lazy, or just lame? I'm going to venture that we're just content hangin' at my house, talking and watching trashy TV. We haven't seen each other for a while now...Bean has been working on 8 Mile for like a month, Cornbread and I keep missing each other, and Wenis - well I see her a lot, she's on my way home. Cornbread started with some SH Pinot Noir then I opened her a Moonshadow Cab - delicioso. Sidenote - we're finally joining the gym this week - YAY. Watch those pounds melt away....ok I'd settle for watching them stop growing.

The new boy did email me back - that's pretty rad. Not sure if I scared him off a little anyway, but I'll think positively and just hope I was endearing. There are other boys in the mix good stories yet on that front.

The house is coming along sloooooooooooooooowly but surely. I wanted to paint the moulding for the living room or mark out where it should go so I could paint the living room, or clean or do something, but now I'm just tired and need a nap. I also have about 1700 loads of laundry to do, so my Sunday evening will be capped off with a thrilling trip to my local laundromat.

Cheers to cervezas and my girlsies!

Thursday, May 3, 2007

What a Crazy Week.

Let me start by saying that this week wasn't crazy as my headline suggests. That's a major understatement. If there's another word that means crazy, but gives the impression that is was more like a fleet of Mack trucks (sort of like that distribution center on I80 where they're all lined up) coming into my life, unloading everything weird in my life into my brain, my desk, my phones, my emails, my house, and my car, then drove off and said - Hey! Have fun with that! - THAT'S what this week has been like.

It started off well with only a tad bit of weirdness - Sunday, C Money and I had an extremely productive IKEA trip and an overall good day that included flautas (yes, the ones from Chevy's) and even a call from ex#3. The call weirded me out enough to comment on the fact that we hadn't talked in a while and that I'd bet the farm (remember, I have one now) that I'll get contact from another ex this week. Not like ET-Phone-Home contact but contact in some other more earthly way. On Monday, my boss was back in town to give me some direction so I stop making mistakes, I talked to a new boy on the phone on my way home from work and we planned to meet on Wednesday night. I got to see Wenis and the VL crew Monday night and Bookcase fed me yet another meal of red meat and vino*, I got to take home my new wine cabinet thingy that is gorgeous. Tuesday fared ok as well, work was busy and I did pretty much nothing I was supposed to that night. Wednesday is when it all went down. It all went down so nuttily that I'll even start a new paragraph for it.

I wake up, all is routine (well, as routine as it can be when you live in a disaster area and have no clean clothes), I go into the office, again, as usual, and start working. Now mind you, I have a date with new boy that night. Then, drama for yo mama ensued. I got an email from ex#4 asking me to call him. Note that we have not spoken for a solid 2 months. The drama that spun out of that email was enough for me to start my own TNT show. In addition to that mess, I was starting to get nervous about my hot date. Fast forward to the date...

I met him in Slownoma and we had a drink, then ended up staying at this place for dinner as well. It was pretty awesome - he was much cuter in person and super laid back and cool. Now I have been on a couple of dates recently, and I think I have handled myself pretty well all things considered. I wasn't too nervous on those others ones, I did asking as well as answering, I was normal. I don't know if it was the glass of wine or the nerves or both, but I was a rambling idiot. And when I say rambling I MEAN RAMBLING. In my head, I told myself 3 times to shut up. You know it's bad when you're annoying yourself. A lot. I am seriously hoping that he was not freaked out, scared off, irritated, annoyed, happy to be in a silent car to get away from me, or all of the above. Well, if he thinks that was bad, then maybe it's better this way. If he thinks I'm still cool after that escapade, then that bodes well, yes? I'm not going to worry about it too much, but I hope he calls.

Cheers to new boys and whacked out weeks!

(Starting today, I will be adding the info, with commentary, on the wines I consume)

*Kelly Magee, 2002 Meritage, Napa: Very smooth and easy on the tastebuds, but had enough kick to compete with the prime rib and sweet potato fries.