Thursday, May 3, 2007

What a Crazy Week.

Let me start by saying that this week wasn't crazy as my headline suggests. That's a major understatement. If there's another word that means crazy, but gives the impression that is was more like a fleet of Mack trucks (sort of like that distribution center on I80 where they're all lined up) coming into my life, unloading everything weird in my life into my brain, my desk, my phones, my emails, my house, and my car, then drove off and said - Hey! Have fun with that! - THAT'S what this week has been like.

It started off well with only a tad bit of weirdness - Sunday, C Money and I had an extremely productive IKEA trip and an overall good day that included flautas (yes, the ones from Chevy's) and even a call from ex#3. The call weirded me out enough to comment on the fact that we hadn't talked in a while and that I'd bet the farm (remember, I have one now) that I'll get contact from another ex this week. Not like ET-Phone-Home contact but contact in some other more earthly way. On Monday, my boss was back in town to give me some direction so I stop making mistakes, I talked to a new boy on the phone on my way home from work and we planned to meet on Wednesday night. I got to see Wenis and the VL crew Monday night and Bookcase fed me yet another meal of red meat and vino*, I got to take home my new wine cabinet thingy that is gorgeous. Tuesday fared ok as well, work was busy and I did pretty much nothing I was supposed to that night. Wednesday is when it all went down. It all went down so nuttily that I'll even start a new paragraph for it.

I wake up, all is routine (well, as routine as it can be when you live in a disaster area and have no clean clothes), I go into the office, again, as usual, and start working. Now mind you, I have a date with new boy that night. Then, drama for yo mama ensued. I got an email from ex#4 asking me to call him. Note that we have not spoken for a solid 2 months. The drama that spun out of that email was enough for me to start my own TNT show. In addition to that mess, I was starting to get nervous about my hot date. Fast forward to the date...

I met him in Slownoma and we had a drink, then ended up staying at this place for dinner as well. It was pretty awesome - he was much cuter in person and super laid back and cool. Now I have been on a couple of dates recently, and I think I have handled myself pretty well all things considered. I wasn't too nervous on those others ones, I did asking as well as answering, I was normal. I don't know if it was the glass of wine or the nerves or both, but I was a rambling idiot. And when I say rambling I MEAN RAMBLING. In my head, I told myself 3 times to shut up. You know it's bad when you're annoying yourself. A lot. I am seriously hoping that he was not freaked out, scared off, irritated, annoyed, happy to be in a silent car to get away from me, or all of the above. Well, if he thinks that was bad, then maybe it's better this way. If he thinks I'm still cool after that escapade, then that bodes well, yes? I'm not going to worry about it too much, but I hope he calls.

Cheers to new boys and whacked out weeks!

(Starting today, I will be adding the info, with commentary, on the wines I consume)

*Kelly Magee, 2002 Meritage, Napa: Very smooth and easy on the tastebuds, but had enough kick to compete with the prime rib and sweet potato fries.

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