Sunday, April 29, 2007

I won I won I won I won...

It's been many, many moons since I've seen my poker girls, but we finally managed to get together last night! We headed to Wheel's house and she BBQ'd us up an amazing dinner - the beginning of summer in my book. Ribs, potato salad, corn on the cob (yes, my favorite thing EVER), salad, and angel food cake. Heavenly. Absolutely heavenly. We caught up with each other - so much going on - and then broke out the table and played some hold 'em.

I had nothin'. The entire time. 2, 10, diamond, heart. 3, 8, club, heart. Jack, queen, heart, heart, (really thought I had something there). 15 hands later, I get pocket aces. It was a good day. I bet 4 black chips (black chips are the highest in our game). The flop gave me one more ace. Uh yes, 3 of a kind, aces. At this point it's late, and it's a betting war. 6 black chips...2 black chips...5 black chips...The turn gives me nada, but the river, the glorious river...another ace. That's right - FOUR ACES. I bet the farm and won outta nowhere! And what's really funny, is that I could have actually bet the farm because I am the proud new owner of a John Deere riding lawnmower - definitely farm material.

It was a great evening - I was so happy to see those girlsies. To top it all off, I picked up a SWEET score from craigslist - a wine cabinet thing that's beeeee-u-teeful for only 100 bucks. Wenis and I chatted till about 2am and then I finally headed home to my lovely pillow.

Cheers to winning poker and riding lawnmowers!

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