Monday, April 23, 2007

Blogging Slacker.

Again, I have waited 13 days to post. Sorry. I'd say "my bad" but Wenis hates that saying, so I won't.

I just got back from our big meeting. I LOVE San Diego. I really really do. Granted, for about 90% of the trip I was working, but on Saturday we got to let loose and take a town car, yes town car, to Gaslamp. KK Digital, Jersey J, and I went to see the Annie Lebowitz exhibit at the Museum of Art (AWESOME), then found some bar downtown and played pool. If you know me, you know I love pool. Love it so much that there may be one in my living room instead of a couch. I wish I could play all the time. As I told Jersey J, I'm practicing for the circuit.

Anyway, as much as I love pool, I don't think I've ever played so much in my life. My company is amazing (yes, I said it, Wenis, amaaaaaaaazing). Not only is it amazing, but unheard of, and I appreciate the generosity SO MUCH!! Jersey J paid for more than he should have all day (THANK YOU if you happen to read this).

The following is an outline of the 'extras' I did in SD, work-talk excluded for entertainment purposes. Again, this blog is about food, wine, and fun, and since I never talk about the actual work I do (like running numbers, project management, presentations, etc), such talk is not in this post either. Just know that I worked a lot while there, but that's a given since it was a business trip...

Monday: checked out the hotel, ate, checked email, watched TV in my nice room, worked (details excluded for entertainment purposes), walked around, went to a restaurant in SD to eat, had an awesome meal with killer wines with the cool kids, crashed out.

Tuesday: Slept in a little, checked email, ate, worked (details excluded for entertainment purposes), walked around, checked out the spa, ate, met new peeps, hung out, ate, crashed out.

Wednesday: ate, attended meetings, got organized for our presentations, ate, worked (details excluded for entertainment purposes), got on a bus that took us to an aircraft carrier (flippin awesome), ate, worked on the presentation until 1am, crashed out.

Thursday: had two presentations, ate inbetween them, had a meeting with the whole team (very cool since I hadn't met them all before this week), ate, worked (details excluded for entertainment purposes), hung out with some folks which was way fun, chatted with Macktastic A till late, then crashed out.

Friday: ate, worked (details excluded for entertainment purposes), went to the closing presentation, ate at the indoor crab feed because the weather didn't cooperate, got bummed I didn't have a plus-one, crashed out.

Saturday: Free day. See detailed account above.

Sunday: ate, came home, wasn't into it, almost flew back to SD.

The common theme? I ate a lot. Oink.

The end.

Cheers to eating tons of red meat and bacon!!

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Jersey J said...

Did I mention that the bar I live above has a pool table? The next time I see you I'll be a total hustler.