Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Did I Ever Mention How Much I Love This Job?

Alright, since C-Money blogged about working out, so will I. I'm a copy-cat like that. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery or something like that...unless of course it's your little brother playing the copy game where you say "Stop copying me" and he says "Stop copying me" and you say "Stop it!" and he says "Stop it" and then you think you're oh-so-clever and say "I'm a stupidhead" and he says "You're a stupidhead." At what point did they get clever too?

Anyway, I digress. Back to the gym. Wenis and I decided that in order to actually GO to the gym we joined, we'd need to go together. Power in numbers. I went last night (without her actually, so forget my previous line), and man I had a great time! What is wrong with me?? I hate working out! Well, I have figured out that I don't mind it at all if there's a TV on my machine. Now I'm sure you've gathered from my blogs that I enjoy being a couch potato. I'm sorry - I'm not the type to say that I work out 3 times a week. For me, that really means that I walk from the kitchen to the couch more than 5 times per evening. So knowing this, you'll never believe it...I drove to the gym on my way home from work, changed my clothes, got on an elliptical for 40 minutes (10 min of Sex & the City and 30 min of Friends, with 50 First Dates and the Giants game during the commercials), then even did weights and some sit ups after! I'm so proud of myself!! I actually enjoyed it. Ok, enough about the gym. In the grand scheme of things, what I did was basically like walking from the kitchen to the couch more than 5 times per evening, but with weights on my ankles. 2 pound weights at that. Just humor me.

Today I got to experience a training session - today was identifying certain scented oils....super fun. The group that's in town is from a restaurant in Boston. Super cool and fun group of people! They even invited me to dinner...still on the fence though since I told Wenis I'd go to the gym again. Which I actually want to do. Again, what is wrong with me? I'm considering giving up a fun dinner with super cool peeps for workout time? Um yeah. Examine my brain please.

Cheers to meeting new people with awesome accents, BACON for breakfast, and drinking a lunch!! Oh, and the gym.

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