Monday, May 14, 2007

Good Weekend All Around

What a good, productive weekend! I'm old now so I like the productive weekends with fun sprinkled in. It's amaaaaaazing how quickly you go from thinking that a good weekend is all about going out, staying up late, and sleeping, to thinking that a good weekend is one filled with getting up before 9, completing projects around the house, then having a nice dinner with friends.

Friday The C-Man from work had a BBQ at his place which was awesome - got to see everyone outside of the office which is always great. I tasted most of the wines* on the table - love that. After The C-Man's, Cornbread and I headed out to a local pool hall with some of my co-workers. After one game of doubles, Refresher wasn't feelin' so hot, so Viscious V took her home. Refresher's boyfriend ended up staying out with us, and we played a few games of cutthroat and then headed home to bed.

Cornbread and I forced ourselves to get up around 10 and we headed into the yard that was attacked by super weeds. After pulling weeds for a couple of hours and then putting together a patio set, we got ready, went to Chevy's and IKEA (why do all of my weekends seem to include Chevy's and/or IKEA...hmmm...there ARE other places to eat and shop....), then headed to Bailey's on the Rocks for her b-day dinner. I miss them - it was so nice and comfy to catch up! JAR and Patricio are gettin' hitched in September, so it was cool to hear about that and their honeymoon plans. It was so nice to see BOTR's parents and brother too - felt like the good ol' high school days!

Mother's Day/My Birthday Celebration was pretty cool - the fam came up and we mowed the lawn (my John Deere gets a lot of play) and BBQd and saw Spiderman 3. It's pretty funny - my brothers and I are in sort of an awkward phase...we're adults but none of us are married, and we're not kids (except Graham Cracker of course) so our interaction is a little off sometimes. We'll grow up soon. Maybe. But even if we do, I'm sure we won't lose the silliness.

Cheers to Birthday Months and my John Deere!

*Bitch - smooth and different, granache-y
Jekel Pinot Noir - super delicious, light but delightful
Cline Syrah - thick and rich as usual
Sexto from Spain - spicy and out of the norm

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