Friday, May 25, 2007

Oh the Napa Bowl

Last night, KK Digital invited me to the Napa Bowl to watch her friend play with his team. We ended up playing some pool while they bowled. The highlight of the evening was when KK Digital went to pay up at the bar, and discovered they took checks. Funny item # 1. The Napa Bowl takes checks. Who pays for drinks with a check?? Well, KK Digital does. And that's just rad. Funny item #2...she takes out her checkbook and writes the check, all the while thinking, "This pen sucks."

She then proceeds to tear off the check (just writing "the check" makes me giggle because, I mean, COME ON, who writes checks anywhere these days!?) and finds that she has written on the plastic that is supposed to go between checks. That's right, KK Digital will now always have a completed check made out to Napa Bowl. For fifteen dollars.

Absolutely one of the funniest things I've seen since at least Saturday, and definitely regarding a check and the Napa Bowl.

I promise to blog about last weekend - it's a good one.

Cheers to checks at the Napa Bowl and MORE POOL!

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SuperKelly said...

I think I saved that checkbook! Gawd we laughed so hard!