Monday, June 4, 2007

Today Was a good day.

Given the circumstances...a Monday and was a pretty good day. Started off uneventful, caught up on work, had coffee, the usual, then went to Safeway with KK Digital and C-Dawg to pick up food. I love eating on the cheap! A hoagie, a banana, a peach yogurt and chocolate milk for about $5. It's no very adult mac & cheese, but it's yummy.

Right before I left work, I checked the website that tells me messages about my blacked out stock - usually it says, "We're working with the SEC to blah blah stock-speak stock-speak blah blah. Our apologies for the delay." Ok, I lied. They never apologize anymore...they just say's gonna be a while till you can sell. Well, today, I logged in, and lo and behold, WE CAN SELL OUR STOCK. I am beaming inside and out! I have waited patiently for this day (ok, I wasn't all that patient)...and now I'll have some unexpected cashola in my pocket.

After work, my dad came over and we put up the moulding in the living room...looks RAD. Just need to paint some more (it's neverending) and then voila...I'll have a living room!

Now I'm pooped and am off to bed.

Cheers to stocks and moulding!

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