Tuesday, June 5, 2007

My Brothers Rock

In the past 3 months, my brothers, mom, and dad have truly shown their love for me in numerous hard labor projects. Tonight was no different. As my birthday present, my brothers said they'd come to the house to help with stuff. They did. Brandolian fixed the leaky valve under the sink, Joely Roley Poley fixed the crooked moulding my dad and I completely missed yesterday, we all grouted and changed light fixtures and hung the TV. A suberbly productive evening, but it ain't over yet. I need to get an OUNCE of organization in this pad or I will lose it tomorrow. Tomorrow. Really. My sanity is carefully teetering on the fence of messy house clean house. I know I'm close, and the light is finally at the end of the stupid tunnel, but I have a lot of stuff to do before I get there. I am so thankful for my family, and that they're very, very handy.

Today was a good day at work - I was comfortable, felt productive, and got to work on a lot of creative stuff that I totally dig. "Totally dig..." I can be such, like, a valley girl.

I have gross fingernails because the grout is black. Ew.

Cheers to half-finished bathrooms, black grout, hanging TVs, and my family!

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