Monday, June 25, 2007


...yet excited. That explains me this week. I have 1287644620 things to do before my shindig on Saturday, and what am I doing? Blogging. Exactly the thing that will put away my mail, fold my clothes, paint my bathroom, and mow the lawn. I only decided to blog since I haven't in 100 years...I thought it was time.

Since I wrote last, nothing too big has happened. I still love my job, I still love this house (mess and all), and I am still generally pretty stoked in my new adventure. I picked up C-Money from the aeropuerto yesterday was so warmly welcomed by the one returning home, I almost wanted to do it all over again. I see this huge, beaming smile coming from curbside, and as she opens my back door to throw in her luggage, she says, "I have never been happier to see you!" Unfortunately, this really just meant that Omaha was pretty lame, but it was still nice to hear :-) I also wore my dope shirt that Wenis has too - "I have a black belt in CRAZY" - I even got a compliment from a limo driver on that one. Phew, thought I was losing my touch.

C-Money and I are going to go night shooting tonight...I am so excited! I haven't taken photos in much too long! Of course, shooting another thing that will obviously clean this house.

Until next time...

Cheers to aeropuerto pick-ups and shindigs!

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