Sunday, May 6, 2007

Weekends are So Much Better than Weekdays

It's Sunday. Again. It always seems like this part of the weekend comes much too quickly. Wouldn't it be awesome to work Monday through Thursday, 10 hour days, instead of 5 days a week? I'd vote that in.

Friday night I went to my mom's concert in San Rafael, hung out with the boys and dad for a bit, held a rifle for the first time (thoughts on that...scary, heavy, greasy, scary, and scary), and had root beer floats. Yum.

Happy Seis de Mayo - my girlsies came over yesterday afternoon to celebrate Cinco de Mayo and the most Cinco-de-Mayo-type thing we did was eat Taco Bell for dinner. Oh and I had Tecates. Are we old, lazy, or just lame? I'm going to venture that we're just content hangin' at my house, talking and watching trashy TV. We haven't seen each other for a while now...Bean has been working on 8 Mile for like a month, Cornbread and I keep missing each other, and Wenis - well I see her a lot, she's on my way home. Cornbread started with some SH Pinot Noir then I opened her a Moonshadow Cab - delicioso. Sidenote - we're finally joining the gym this week - YAY. Watch those pounds melt away....ok I'd settle for watching them stop growing.

The new boy did email me back - that's pretty rad. Not sure if I scared him off a little anyway, but I'll think positively and just hope I was endearing. There are other boys in the mix good stories yet on that front.

The house is coming along sloooooooooooooooowly but surely. I wanted to paint the moulding for the living room or mark out where it should go so I could paint the living room, or clean or do something, but now I'm just tired and need a nap. I also have about 1700 loads of laundry to do, so my Sunday evening will be capped off with a thrilling trip to my local laundromat.

Cheers to cervezas and my girlsies!

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