Thursday, August 19, 2010

Social Media Musings

Social Media - It's fascinating to most, wholly adopted with open arms by others, feared by some, and touches all in some way. Lately I've been intrigued as to why certain people gravitate towards certain social media websites.

Why does "Barney from Walnut Creek" love Yelp and post review after review after review, while simultaneously feeding those reviews to their Facebook and Twitter accounts? Is Barney just a super user? Someone who is fully immersed in social media? Why does he love Yelp so much over other social sites?

Why does "Cheryl from Chicago" only post status updates on Facebook? Why doesn't she embrace Twitter? Is she being selective? Does she think Twitter is "pointless"?

I'm going to hunt down social media user case studies because I think this subject in modern sociology is absolutely fascinating. I've fully accepted social media, I use Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, Blogger (ha obviously.), and a slew of other tools and services. I wonder where I fall on the spectrum...?

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Jessica said...

Can we collaborate on this project? I am also SO interested in this...