Monday, September 21, 2009

Work and Other Things

After the debacle that was Bloggate 2007, I decided to stop writing about work. Tonight however, I have to make an exception.

[Disclaimer: This post does not imply that all I do for work is go to dinners. This is untrue. I have worked my patootie off for the past 2 months and like I have said before, work is not what this blog is about. It is about my life experiences, some of which are worthy enough to be discussed here, some of which happen to stem from where I spend 80% of my time.]

I just got back from dinner with a major customer. This was similar to other customer dinners in that the buyers were there as were the sales managers and other people on my team. The only difference in tonight's dinner was that I was lucky enough to spend it with Joel Gott. I've spent time with him before, but not in this capacity (last time was the Union Street Festival.) We invited Joel to join us for many reasons, the main being he's an amazing person with an incredible story that we wanted to share with our customer. I would say tonight was a winemaker dinner with Joel Gott. I learned so much from just one dinner; sitting next to him at dinner rekindled the lost passion I had for the wine industry. Many times, this is a CPG industry. Tonight, I remembered why I applied for a job in this field to begin with. His enthusiasm and excitement are contagious, his knowledge of food, wine, and people is unbelievable. All of this, and he's down to earth. His wines aren't pretentious and neither is he. He follows his heart and he puts a piece of himself into every venture that he starts. What a great evening.

Nighty night.

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