Thursday, September 24, 2009


Sooooo GoogleTalk is down. What did I do in the workforce before there was IM? Oh wait, I didn't work in the workforce before there was IM. My first job included AIM, my second included ICQ then MSN Messenger, my third included Googletalk. This one includes GoogleTalk, Gmail, iPhone usage, and any other technology I can get my grubby little geeky hands on.

When GoogleTalk is down, I send emails. I don't like to send emails that are short they are either IMs (but I can't!) or Tweets. None of my close friends are on Twitter, so no need to post there. I could post on Facespace but I don't want to login to it that much. I guess I can just try to exist without the occasional IM to someone about a random thought I had. I guess I have to exist with myself. Awesome.

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