Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Since I Don't Post Often Enough

Here's a random post because I've been told a lot lately that I don't post often enough.

I went to Costco last night. This trip to the big cement box was probably trip #7 I've taken there in Yep, ever. Hey, I live alone! What do I need 753 rolls of toilet paper for? Will I use 16 cans of tomato sauce? How long will I have 42 boxes of cereal left over if I eat cereal every meal every day for one year? (Wait, I do that already, sooooo probably none.)

So here I am in Costco. See how small I am compared to the HUGE amounts of toilet paper they sell? It's just CRAZY! And why am I dancing in Costco, you ask? Well, because I just looooove to buy things in bulk!

In other Costco news, they have already set out quite a bit of Christmas stuff. That's right, boys and girls, CHRISTMAS STUFF. Isn't it early September? Maybe it's the procrastinator in me that thinks this is a bit much or maybe it's just. too. early.

Even more madness at Costco...why would you EVER EVER EVER put a "Flat Belly Diet Cookbook" (complete with most-likely-the-most-disgusting-cupcake-ever) right next to the Martha Stewart Cupcake book? Why?? Whyyyyy? Ya know what those make me want? A cupcake. Do I care about a flat belly? Only after I have a cupcake.

$250 later, I finally left that money-sucking place, only vowing to go back if I really, really, really need toilet paper.

PS - Fond-du-Lac, Wisconsin has the coolest name.


Dan said...

What did you spend $250 on? Stuff for the fiesta???

Wine Chick said...

Maybe :) I like to throw a good party! And like I said, I'll have some of this stuff forever.