Thursday, September 10, 2009


I forgot what it was like to be productive at home. Up until last weekend, I'd pretty much been away from home every weekend since early June. That's nutty. I neglected my backyard (shocking, I know), my office, my kitchen, everything. I just mowed, weed wacked, swept, straightened, setup, moved, washed and arranged. The yard looks pretty good for what it is...someday I'll pimp it out. It felt good to get out there, get dirty, get sweaty, all in the name of throwing a good party. I'm looking forward to La Fiesta!

This was a weird week. Work is crazy busy, life is crazy busy, I'm feeling a tad scattered. One morning this week, I ended up behind someone I rarely see (which is a good thing) almost the whole way across town. I didn't feel a thing. Not a thing. I didn't get all weirded out, I didn't get nervous, I didn't get spazzy, I just drove like I normally would and that car was just another of many in front of me. In a way, this too is productive. I now have a little of that confidence I thought I'd lost, I know I'm content here, I'm not hung up on anything, I'm not thinking too much. It is what it is and I'm sooooo happy this is how things have turned out for me here. This is a weird town, still getting used to its idiosyncrasies, but I'm happy to live and die in LA it's the place to be. Wait, sorry, that's 2Pac. I meant, I'm happy to live here (some days) and following that person on the road was a good exercise for me in determining whether the past is truly the past. It surely is.

All of a sudden I started drinking soda. Like in the past week. Why? I gave up soda for the most part about 7 years ago when my previous job stocked all soda fridges with any kind of soda you wanted. Like ANY. When I first started and my metabolism was higher, I was drinking like 3 Dr. Peppers a day. That's just gross. I finally weened myself off of those and took back up the coffee habit. At least that's just flavored water for the most part. Why the sudden soda-drinking again? I have no clue but man I need to knock it off. Waste of calories, bad bad sugar, and all those manufactured ingredients...yuck. That first sip of an ice cold soda, all refreshing and bubbly, sweet and satisfying....ok, no more.

Cheers to a stream of consciousness! May there be more where that came from.

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