Friday, November 9, 2007

Reason #73525183.7 That I Need a Guy

I just spent the last FIFTEEN MINUTES trying to open a teeny jar of Classico pesto sauce & spread for the pasta salad I volunteered to make for the baby shower at work tomorrow. I tried the bang on the lid to break the seal trick. I slammed the bottom of the jar with the heel of my hand trick. I busted out the blue rubber glove I use for washing dishes* trick. Nothing. Nada. Not even a budge! I tried them all once more. After the last rubber glove try, I went back at it bare-handed. With red, raw fingers and sore hands, it popped open and I was able to retrieve the delicious pesto sauce that my pasta was craving. I loosened it for me.

Cheers to FINALLY opening the pesto! Uncheers to not having a guy to do that crap for me.

*I HATE washing dishes. Hate it. Hate it more than ironing all of my clothes and textiles, including socks, undies, towels and sheets. Hate it. That's all.

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Peter Anderson said...

Mmmm... pesto. The only thing I like more than pesto, is pesto doing gymnastics with, yep, a Richard Simmons headband.