Monday, November 12, 2007

Me, Myself, and My Dad

My dad can fix anything. Anything. My dad likes wine. I don't think he cares so much what it is, just that it's red and comes in a wine bottle. Now that I am basically a wine pimp, I give my dad wine for helping me with house stuff. Like putting a fridge in the back of my car.

If anyone has wondered what my dad looks like, here are he and my mom last June when we went to Costa Rica:

If you wanted to know what my dad looked like maybe 15 years ago, it may have been something like this:

Ok, fine. That's me having fun at the Halloween store. It was just too funny to keep under wraps, and though I know that most of the peeps who read my blog have seen these pics, they're still funny. Really funny. And a little scary.

Cheers to my dad!


ngoc said...

wow, i now see where you got your hysterical laugh from (mom!)

Sara said...

HAHAHHAHAHHAHEE. I love your blog, Beaker! And that was the BEST DAY EVER. Well, the Halloween Store part anyway.