Tuesday, March 25, 2014

New Adventure

So until I find another home for my thoughts, this blog continues…

Friday was my last day working for The Man. For now, anyway. I have finally decided to go out on my own, 100%, full time, to give this entrepreneur* thing a go.

My business is Untapped Media: brand storytelling visualized. I offer companies social media strategy, training, and management, plus photography and other content marketing services, plus….plus…plus. Obviously I need to nail this down.

So far, in the last 1.5 days, I have…

  • Changed out of my pajamas and back into them 7 times.
  • Felt guilty for going to Starbucks and Chase during work hours 2 times.
  • Felt overwhelmed and scattered 100 times.
  • Used the word "discombobulated" 6 times.
  • Yelled at my computer 3 times.
  • Talked to another human being 4 times.
  • Gotten really giddy about starting this new chapter of life 0 times.
  • Hoped to get giddy about starting this new chapter of life 78 times.
  • Gone for a run 2 times.
I hope to feel better, get excited, finish my website and get into the groove within the next 4 weeks.

Goal #1: obtain one brewery client within 12 months.

Wish me luck.

*I hesitate to use the word "entrepreneur." To me, that word denotes incredible success in starting a new business and while I hope for that, I can't say I'm there yet. I'll use it occasionally because I get to connect with the true entrepreneurs out there in social, but know that I am just starting this new venture and am wary of blowing this out of proportion. That is all.

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