Sunday, January 31, 2010

Oh Napa.

I've lived in this town for almost three years now - three years that flew by in some ways and have dragged on in many others. As I've mentioned many times before, this town sucks. I know it, lots of people know it, and unless you're in the right place in life (i.e. married, married with kids, retired), it's just not the place to be. It's not awesome for meeting new people, especially those of the opposite gender, and the ones I have gone out with are pretty much losers. I'm not generalizing, just going by past experiences thus far. Um, remember that bad date? Yeah. Me too.

That alllll said, I have met some super cool friends here. Random meetings, like at the Chandon Pink Party, have morphed into friendships that I value so much. I've now met so many new friends who are down to earth, normal, friendly and welcoming. A wine tasting day turned into dinner with a new friend. Like pretty much anything in life, it comes down to timing. The friends I've made here are in the same place in life as I am - single, homeowners, stable jobs. This town is a hard place to crack...people usually have their groups of friends they've had for many years and that's hard to get into. I'm not from here and some of my "new" friends aren't either, but some of them are. As long as you're open, nice, normal, and friendly, it's not horribly difficult to meet new people. Sure, you have to take some risks and put yourself out there, but there are good people everywhere, you just have to be open to meeting them.

PS - If I were as good at meeting guys as I am new friends that are girls, I'd be big pimpin.

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