Sunday, January 10, 2010

Random Thoughts of the Day

1. Schramsberg bubbly is yummy.
2. Jersey Shore is stupid. Why do I even turn it on for a second? It's the one when she gets punched in the head...ow.
3. I love this blog I need to get more style.
4. A weekend of mostly rollin' solo was good for me. Did I get a lot done at home? Of course not, but I did get caught up on Tough Love 2. Yeah, that's right.
5. I'm happy cinnamon hearts are out.
6. I wish I had a valentine.
7. Avatar was pretty cool. A tad long, Mr. Cameron, a tad long. And what's with the Celine Dion-sound-alike song? Annoying.
8. I officially haven't played Rockband for 7 days. What is going on here?
9. I really like my kickboxing gym. I'm happy I found one finally.
10. I hope I sell my couch.

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