Wednesday, November 25, 2009

My Dream Abode

I have always wanted to live in a converted church, schoolhouse, firehouse...or convert it myself. I love the history, the charm, the curiosity of living in a building that wasn't intended to be a home. Usually these come with great open spaces, my ideal floorplan. I'm in love with this firehouse-turned-home...

This dream could probably become a reality if I moved out of CA and to somewhere like Kansas or Missouri. Too bad KS and MO are not my preferred state abbreviations. Personally, I like HI or OR much better. I mean, those are even actual words. Way cooler.

Am I a midwesterner at heart? Should I cash in on my roots? I'm pretty spoiled here - no humidity, no bugs - I don't know if I'm cut out for shoveling snow.

Hmmmm.......I want to live like Tom Hanks in Big. Minus the baby corn.

PS - That's me in the window and my fireman husband on the street. Thank you for visiting our house.

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