Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Golden Gate Bridge...Good Idea for Once!

I just saw this article on SFGate about how they're thinking about letting people "tour" the Golden Gate Bridge to help raise funds for the city. Awesome idea. My dad has connections with Golden Gate Transit so we've been begging him for a while to get someone to take us to the top of one of the towers (he's already been. lucky.) After 9/11, they weren't letting anyone up there, but now it looks like it may be a great source of revenue. I think this idea is so cool and I might even pay up to $200 for it.

I'm warning you, public, if you get an owie while doing this and you sue the city/Golden Gate Transit/Marin County/motorists/me/the landmark society or anyone else, and you ruin it for everyone, I'll hunt you down and punch you in the jeans. You've been warned.

Today, this Thanksgiving Eve, I'm thankful that I have my health. I know I was thankful for this before, but despite my bum shoulder, my propensity for ear aches, and my tendency for an old-smoker-lady-cough, I'm pretty healthy.

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