Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Knot.

It's November 2009. In 15 months, I guess I'm getting married to my lovely fiance, TBD.

I got an email from The Knot at the end of October (it's an email address I rarely check) saying "15 Months to go!" Way back when a friend was getting married, we were looking at dresses on The Knot. In order to look through a lot of dresses, you have to register. It asks you your name, your fiance's name, and your wedding date. Let's see. I had a name, I didn't have a fiance's name so I entered "TBD," and I didn't have a date so I thought I'd put in 2011 as a good year, figuring I'd HAVE to meet someone by then.

Um. Yeah. That's now only 15 months from now. I haven't met anyone anywhere near marriage material. I'd better hurry up and replace "TBD" with a real name.

Thank you to The Knot for rubbing it all in my face.

Today, I'm thankful for the Indian food place in AmCan, All Spice. They're super nice and the naan is


SuperKelly said...

Ummmm, WHAT? Where exactly did you go for lunch? Ahem.

Wine Chick said...

HA At first I thought you were surprised I was marrying TBD. Alas, no. I went to Jack in the Box. A very healthy alternative.