Monday, March 2, 2009

Oh Neighbors.

Finally, a post that's not about MY neighbors, but a friend's! 

I had dinner with TTB tonight (I swear I didn't eat that pizza. I swear.) Great evening of conversation, ok, fine, pizza, and giggles. We even told ghost stories....dude. We did.

After dinner we headed to TTB's new place sort of near Skankhouse. She showed me around, then proceeded to show me what her neighbor had left her. She was standing at her sink, washing dishes, when she hears a rattle on the front doorknob. Weirded out, she didn't go over immediately, but waited until the person had walked away. She then opened the door to find a newspaper bag hanging from  her doorknob with a note and something yellow in it.

She takes it in, opens the bag, and finds a note and an unusually large banana in the bag. Random. The note says: "Dear New Neighbor, This gift is weird but in time it will get riper." Signed "J." 

Seriously. The dude left her a banana and a note that acknowledges that the gift is weird and that the banana will ripen. I have to agree with the man, the gift IS weird and bananas usually do ripen as the days pass. WHAT??? This is probably the coolest gift any new-to-the-neighborhood girl could ever receive. Ever.

Cheers to interesting neighbors who give out fruit!


elunitard said...

Oh holy crap this is the funniest thing ever. Well, not ever, but it's pretty damn funny.

Wine Chick said...

I thought you'd enjoy that story :)