Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Because of the unexpected trip to Indiana, I missed last week's MIXPO through the Chamber. I'm bummed I did - so curious how it was all set up. I guess I'll have to wait until August to check it out. For my side business, I wish I could afford the Chamber dues but for now it just doesn't make sense. Mama needs a new set of business cards!

In other news, I spent the day at our far-away winery today with customers and the fantastic team up there. When I get bogged down with the details and day-to-day stuff with my job and with life, days like today make me remember that I get to do some cool stuff sometimes and that my company rocks. We did such amaaaaazing things today - blended our own wines in a friendly competition, took a vineyard tour and absorbed as much as possible in the 2 hours we were out there, tasted 20+ wines with extremely awesome commentary and information, barrel tasted, and just got to pick the brains of the winemakers. It was so unbelievably informative - I hope most of it sticks! I have a CSW test to take soon. I'm so lucky to work with such down to earth, friendly, talented peeps.

Cheers to remembering what I enjoy and having the opportunity to experience it!

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