Thursday, March 5, 2009

American Idol

Don't lie - you know you watch it too.

This is the first season in about 4 years that I've watched American Idol for longer than just the sucky singer part. My absolute favorite part of this show is the people they let through to make for good TV....people who are just awful. So very entertaining. If your mom is the only person who thinks you're good, then you're probably not good.

This season I've been watching pretty religiously. No idea why - no one's really captured my attention too much, except for the two who have heart-string-pulling life stories. It's pretty cool that there's a chick from Napa on it, well not anymore. See ya.

I will say that it's gotten much cheesier than it was when Wenis and I used to watch on The Island. Since it's about the jump the shark, I have a suggestion. Bring back the 8 winners and have an American Idol with THEM. Have them compete against each other in a crazy, hot singer showdown! They could even include the top 2 from each season just to keep it interesting. This show should be called....

The Amazing, Real Make Me an American Next Top Idol Bus

I'd SO watch this and I know a ton of people who would too. Don't lie. You would. I know it.

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