Wednesday, March 4, 2009

First Race

In keeping up with my list of 31 things (which I haven't been doing well at and need to hurry it up), I signed up for my very first race - a 5k. I've done Bridge to Bridge with Kellogg, but we walked. I've walked the City of Hope Breast Cancer Walk in the city, but this is the first race I am attempting to run.

I ran on the treadmill this morning - something I don't like much at all - and ran 2.5k. At that pace, I'll finish the race sometime that afternoon (start time is 8am). I really need to get better at this! 2.5k in 25 min? Oh man. I'm done for. Nothing I can do except keep plodding along...

It's a good thing this race has something to run towards - firemen making me pancakes at the end. Now that's a reward. And just think about how hot I'll look after I run longer than I ever have, sweaty, hurting...brown chicken brown coooooow.


[CL] said...

Dude you and my brother can train together--he's training for a triathon. What is going on over in Crapa that makes everyone want to do be the next ironman/woman?? ;-)

I think it's something in the wine, -er, water.

Wine Chick said...

Well, I don't actually really WANT to do it...I just know I need to - lose weight, get in shape, challenge myself. I don't think I'd want to train with your brother. We'd start running and then he'd run and I'd feel like I was going to die after 2.7 minutes and start walking and he'd leave me in his dust.