Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I have a lot of nothing to talk about. That's all blogging is, I know, but why oh why is it so fun? I truly have nothing to say, like most bloggers, and when I do, I fully expect no one to read it. I blog because I want to keep an account of my life, thoughts, and funny stories, and if someone reads them, giggles (or chuckles) or thinks one thought that haven't before, then my job here is done.

My dad bought me a diary at Long's when I was 6. This is a huge deal for me 1) because my dad never, ever buys anything like that (hello, it's lavender with pastel polka dots) , 2) I was 6 and we had just moved to California, I had a lot to say, and 3) the first few entries are hilarious. I re-read that diary every time I move my books around, or am bored and notice it. I had a lot of nothing to talk about back then too. I believe my favorite line from the earlier entries is that I bothered to write about how my brother had a stom sto stoma tummy ache. Awesome. Even back then I cared about my spelling.

Someday I'll go back to the first entry in this blog, way back in 2007, and get a kick about how happy I was, how random life was, and how my writing has changed. I found out this weekend that my grandma wrote poems and stories about things that happened in her life. Blogger has replaced the typewriter and paper, but it's the same. I must get it from her.

Cheers to writing! Even if it's about nothing.

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