Thursday, February 8, 2007

Wined & Dined

Since I started this new job only a week ago, I have been wined & dined to death. Well, not sure that that's actually possible considering how much I love food & wine. So I may die of a heart attack...the food is plentiful & rich, and the wine is everywhere. Takes some getting used to. AutoCAD boxes in offices didn't exactly thrill me - wine bottles, now that's office decor.

Today will be my fourth "work lunch" - basically someone in the office taking me out for lunch for orientation. My favorite orientation in existence. Not only is today's lunch paid for by someone else, but it's Rutherford Grill, home of my favorite side dish in the world - wild rice salad.

So far I have enjoyed lunches at:
~Cindy's Backstreet Kitchen: papaya & avacado salad - absolutely delicious but quite small and a little pricey
~Market: Top two of the best mac & cheese I've ever had (Underwood in Graton is the other)
~Pizzeria Tra Vigne: My first experience with a piadine - basically a small pizza crust with a caprese salad on top, folded in half like a taco and sooooo good. I ate the whole thing, which is an accomplishment given its size, but not a surprise coming from me.

Cheers to wine industry new-hire "orientations"!

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