Thursday, February 15, 2007

Swig, Swirl, Suck in air, Spit

The 4 S's of industry tasting. That seems to be how it goes.

Field Trip #2: Far Away Winery Tour & Tasting
Today we headed up to the Far Away Winery to do some tasting and get a tour from the winemakers. The facility is incredible - state of the art - and a perfect subject for some amazing photographs. I'll be heading up very soon to shoot like crazy. We tasted about 19 wines, and I did my first swig, swirl, spit. You see that technique #3 is missing for me...I can't figure out how to suck in air. The wine just dribbles out of my mouth. I must master these techniques because I can't actually drink 19 wines while working. Wine tasting for me has always been "swallow" and not "spit" as the 4th S, so this will be an adjustment. "Swallow" can also be replaced with "drink & enjoy" though that's not an S. Homework item #572.

Today was amazing - it was such a pleasure to meet the winemakers. The tour was casual, friendly, and extremely informative - another great bunch of people.

Cheers to the 4 S's of tasting and again to field trips!

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Gabe said...

That 4th "S" seems like such a shame, doesn't it?