Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Enjoy it While it Lasts

I am floored (in a good way) by how this company treats their employees, how active they are in the community, and how generous they are...every employee I have met so far reiterates this fact. The people are awesome - everyone has been extremely helpful and patient with the newbie.

Field trip #1: St. Helena/Napa Tasting Room Tour
Today I got to see each of the properties and taste many of the wines we produce. Yep, you read that correctly, I got to taste wine and go on a tour for almost three hours today. I'm starry-eyed. I'm in heaven. I know that the real work will start, and soon, but I will remember the past few weeks and revel in my experiences. Good thing this is all extremely fascinating to me - it'll be a while before it feels like work.

There's a house. It's in southeast Napa. It's cool. It's big. It could be all mine - stinky, dirty, blue carpet and all. The inspections were done today - it's an old house so the electrical is original, the hot tub is making the deck rot quickly, there's some funky plumbing going on under the house...all in all an interesting report. Doesn't scare me. Ok a little. Unfortunately, all I see is a house, spacious and in need of some TLC, and a shorter commute. The rest are just details. Potentially expensive details, but details nonetheless. And I want all those details to be mine. See a dangerous pattern with my starry-eyed attitude?

Cheers to field trips and old houses!

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