Monday, February 12, 2007

Aren't We Lucky

To the poor folks of Minnesota, and I'm sure many other places in this country: I'm sorry you can't buy wine at Target. Granted, I have yet to buy a bottle of wine at Target, though if I were running errands and already there, it sure is nice to know that I CAN buy wine at Target.

This little tidbit is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the Do's and Don't's of wine sales and distribution. I have been surprised by the laws of many states - laws that seemed to have been passed right after prohibition and never reviewed again. They all seem like such a hassle! Another reason it's great to live in California.

There is a freebie table in the coffee room here, and since I'm new to the industry, green so to speak, I still think that free wine and swag is cool. So far I snagged a license plate frame that reads "Forgive me for I have zinned..." (awesome) and a 1.5L of wine. Yay for me. Hopefully when I get a permanent desk I'll be given a lot more stuff to fill up the shelves.

Cheers to buying wine at Target and the free table!


Gabe said...

Yes, I do miss that about California - purchasing wine pretty much anywhere, including Target and BJ's. Sadly, here in New York, our wine purchases are limited to the liquor stores (only beer in grocery stores). I guess the fact that our bars are open until 4am makes up for it, though. :)

And your work freebies sound better than mine.

TFE Wines said...

I love the free table too!