Sunday, February 11, 2007

Wine. Chocolate. Enough Said.

Wenis and I made it over to Rodney Strong's Wine & Chocolate Fantasy event today. The wine was flowing around the entire barrel room, and the chocolate was plentiful, but what made the day (and it worth the $30 each) was the moneymaker-shaking, smile-inducing, soul-warming tunes of Earl Thomas and his 7-piece band.

The wines were hit or miss today, which surprised me because usually I love most Rodney Strong wines. The reserves definitely trumped the rest in every varietal, prompting us to go back for seconds on the cab and zin. It also helps when you get an "I Got Knotty" sticker with the zin. Stickers will do a lot for sales, or tastes in our case, and Wenis and I may be showing up with our own someday.

And the chocolate...yum. Can't really go wrong here.

Later, my gals and I hung out at my place, chatting it up for a few hours. We then randomly went to Napa for some delicious Chinese food and ridiculous conversation. At the wine bar, I sat in my reserved saddle seat (no one else but me knows it's actually reserved for me of course), while I had the pinot noir flight. The Taz "Fiddlestix" was my least favorite, but I ended up trading for Bean's $16/glass Rudd cab which was yummy. We headed back home to watch tasteless television - American Idol from Tues & Wed. I love my DVR.

Cheers to bad singing and saddle seats!

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