Wednesday, February 28, 2007

A Month in...

It has been almost one month since I started here, and though I am probably still starry-eyed with all that happens here, I am still extremely happy! Even the work I have to do is fun (I know, I know, I'm blinded by the stars in my eyes.)

Writing copy is so much fun! Here's my gig: Write wine tasting notes without tasting the wines. Is there soemthing wrong with this picture? On top of not actually tasting these specific wines, it has been challenging since there are only so many words for "delightful" and "refreshing" and "palate" and "aroma." is my new best friend. I hope that this copy makes it onto the final label so that when I go to the store I actually see it!

So the house. The details didn't seem to scare off my parents, so the house is ours! We'll sign the title papers within the next week or so, and then it's go time. Move half of my furniture into the new place to stage the condo. Paint the red wall to appeal to more buyers. Start painting the new place, rip up the disgusting carpet, tear out the vanity and mirror in the bathroom, and start updating fixtures & lighting. Pray my place sells QUICKLY.

Cheers to wine tasting notes & new-to-me houses!

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Gabe said...

Wow! Congrats on the new house, Megan! So many exciting new things are happening for you. :)