Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Google Analytics

It still baffles me why "living the vine life bragging" is my top keyword result after all this time. It's too weird. If you, my lone reader, searched that phrase and got to my blog, tell me - what made you search that? I've had 124 visits to this blog from that search term alone from Jan 1 to now. Way weird.

I posted this entry about bragging way back in March of 2009. That was over a year ago. Why are people still searching that? I know this blog title brings up a lot of religious websites and blogs so maybe there's a tie there? Again, way weird. I do have one comment on that post from someone who agreed with it but who knows if that has anything to do with the keyword search results either.

What a mystery.


Candice said...

thats a funny search term, maybe something else comes up with out the "bragging". cool blog though!


Wine Chick said...

Thanks! It's funny what keywords come up...they're always so random and funny. Thanks for leaving your blog - I'll check it out!