Monday, May 24, 2010

Funerals and Memorials

I attended my "adopted" grandma's memorial service this past weekend. This is my seventh family funeral/memorial service in the past five years. I feel I'm able to comment on these services as an expert at this point. My main question in all of this is what happens to people when a loved one passes?? In my experience, people become vultures, scavengers for their loved one's possessions. Drama always seems follows the service, or it even starts beforehand. It saddens, disgusts and appalls me. I've watched this happen with family and now again with my "adopted" grandma's family and in-laws.

Why can't people respect those who are grieving and give them time to just be before bombarding them with ridiculous requests? When someone's possessions are left, why do people come out of the woodwork and expect to be given items from the deceased's home? These people are callous and shallow and do not deserve anything.

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