Saturday, May 1, 2010


I hate Comcast. This is not news. I got rid of cable last summer, as I've mentioned 38293081 times here. Over the months, I discovered that I had all of the channels I'd ever want, they were just hidden in weird numbers, such as 118-4 (Lifetime Movie Network) and 119-7 (USA). I'm indirectly paying for basic cable, so I thought I was getting these as a part of that.

After an insane 1.5 weeks of work, Wednesday night rolled around and I wanted nothing more than to sit on my squishy couch and watch bad TV. We all know how much I love my bad TV! Getting ready for three hours of The Office (GREAT TV, by the way), I switched the channel to 75-11, TBS. Nothing. I tried 75-7, TNT. Nothing. 83-6 (VH1), 86-11 (HGTV), 119-9 (A&E). Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. I freaked. I called Comcast, chewed out the poor guy for my loss of channels. He told me I could go to the Comcast store on Jefferson and get a box so that I'd get the basic channels. I told him I already get the basic channels (2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 12, 13 and randomly, Discovery) and he said that everything would slowly disappear. It wasn't slowly! I had all of those channels on Tuesday! What was happening??!

After yelling at Comcast, I called KK.DEElight to vent and commiserate. She knew exactly what was happening and was willing to indulge in self-pity with me. There we were, exhausted from work, unable to veg out and watch bad TV. She then informed me that I actually was never paying for those channels and that I had yelled at Comcast for blocking channels I wasn't paying for. I was mad at Comcast for taking away my free cable. Funny, sorta.

So here I sit, three days later, watching network television and renting movies out of Redbox. Comcast doesn't deserve my money. At least not yet. (DVR, I still miss you.)

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SuperKelly said...

I'm swearing by the streaming Netflix through my Wii. You'll love it!